Jazmine Sullivan sings with a rich, smoky Alto voice.  It seems that most R&B female recording artists sing in Soprano these days so Jazmine’s beautiful voice is a welcome breath of freshness.  This Philadelphian soul singer and songwriter was born April 9, 1987.  Her debut CD, Fearless, was released in 2008 when Jazmine Sullivan was at the tender age of 21.  Pretty young for her to have written every song on the CD and served as co-producer.  In 2010, Love Me Back, Jazmine’s sophomore CD was released.  Her first single from this album of songs is, “Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles).”  Check out her performance, CURRENTLY… ON STAGE at the 2010 Soul Train Awards.

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Up next is the official music video for Jazmine Sullivan’s second single released from the Love Me Back CD, “10 Seconds.”

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With the help of rapper Missy Elliott, her debut single, “Need U Bad” was released in 2008 and reached number one on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart and the second single, “Bust Your Windows” peaked at number four.  Sullivan’s debut album Fearless was released a couple of months later.  While “Bust Your Windows” got a lot of media attention because of the sensational lyric content about a girlfriend literally busting the windows out of her man’s car, “Need U Bad” caught my attention because of the the Soul and Reggae rhythm duality; unique to say the least.  This is Jazmine’s performance on the Ellen TV show.

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How in the world do they have a hand-held microphone problem on Good Morning America?  How many millions make up the budget for that show?  I guess a problem can happen anywhere.  Overlook the mic issue at the top of the clip, the GMA crew fixes it pretty quickly.  Jazmine kept going like an old pro.  Enjoy, “Lions, Tigers and Bears.”

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Jazmine shows her natural talent, singing her heart out in this live performance of, “I’m In Love With Another Man.”  Wow!  What a singer she is!  Please forgive the shaky video but it’s the best live video of this song we could find and because of her vocal performance, we thought it would still be worth sharing. 

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Lastly, check out Jazmine performing Seal’s, “Kiss From A Rose.”  She has a gift for interpreting a song with raw emotion and all the soulfulness in the world.  Her vocals are so incredibly entertaining, even when she’s singing calmly as she does throughout most of this song.  And when she lets loose… what a treat!  Don’t make the mistake of not seeing this video all the way through to the end.  Go ‘head on with your bad self, Miss Jazmine Sullivan!!

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