The INSPIRATIONAL CORNER is a reminder of how music can sooth, comfort, encourage, delight and inspire you. Sure, we all want to stay in a funk sometimes and seek out music to aid in that process but we should mostly want music to uplift our spirits, not depress them. So, once a month you can be assured of an uplift from an inspirational song in the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER.

This is my “go-to song” when I’m in a funk and having one of those inescapable Pity Parties. You know, when you want something to happen right then and there. This song by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly always comes through for me in these anxious moments. Instead of being depressed about it, I turn on this truly inspirational song that tells me, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you got to lose; we’re just livin’, we don’t make the rules. Just keep on pushing, don’t let it bring you down; just wait until your time comes around.” Please listen to the lyrics carefully; there in lies the message. From the 1979 album rightly entitled, Inspiration, this is Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, with “Timin’.”

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So, if you can tear yourself away from Frankie Beverly & Maze, this next Inspirational song is for those going through relationship stresses. When that mate gets on your last nerve or you know you messed up in their eyes… big time, this Peabo Bryson gem can inspire you to swallow your pride or eat crow… whichever fits your situation… get it fixed and, as Teddy P. said once, “Keep on going down the road together.” Check out Peabo Bryson’s, “Love Has No Shame.”

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My last Inspirational song is about brand new love. The very beginning stage of that friend or dating partner crossing over into that vulnerable place reserved for that extra special someone. This is the way we should all feel when it’s dawning on us that we may be falling in love. You know, when a smile comes to your eyes at the mere thought of that newly special person. Minnie Riperton explains how it could… should feel at that special moment in the development of a relationship. The anticipation and excitement you feel when you first ask the question that Minnie Riperton poses in her most romantic song, “Could It Be I’m In Love.” Enjoy and be Inspired.

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