CURRENTLY ON STAGE… is all live video performances from a Generation X artist.  This month, we feature Fantasia Barrino.  What I love about Fantasia is that she sings from her soul.  When singing, she interprets the song and all the emotion of the lyric shows on her face and in her body movement.  If the lyric is tearful, you see a tear in her eye.  That’s a rare quality these days.  I found videos that exemplify this trait where Fantasia sells the song with the emotion in her voice, not her vocal volume.  People with incredible range sometimes fall into the trap of over-using it, instead of pulling that weapon out when the song calls for it.  Maybe it’s just me but I love Fantasia most when she just sings the song to convey the story it (the song) had to tell.  I’m sure you’ll agree with the choices I made.  Firstly, let’s see her performance of “Summertime,” when she was a contestant on American Idol.

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Here’s Fantasia’s Music Video for the single from her August, 2010 released album, Back To Me… this is “I’m Doin’ Me.”

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Going back to her American Idol days, I love how beautifully she sang this Elton John song, “Something About The Way You Look Tonight.” 

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Diane Warren is quietly one of the best American songwriters of today.  She’s a Caucasian who writes songs that have been recorded by a wide variety of artists of all genres.  She has helped many a R&B singer cross-over with her songs like, “Un-break My Heart” (Toni Braxton), “Rhythm Of The Night” (DeBarge), “If You Asked Me To” (Patti LaBelle) and “Have You Ever” (Brandy).  She can really write a pretty song!  Diane wrote this Fantasia song and Ms. Barrino performed it at a Tribute Show in her honor.  Enjoy, “I Feel Beautiful.” 

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Here’s Fantasia performing live on Good Morning America, her Grammy winning song, “Bitter Sweet.”


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With so much controversy surrounding this extremely gifted vocalist, I pray that her Agents, Publicists and Attorneys fight out her business battles and keep their artist’s name out of the media in negatively perceived situations.  Yeah, I know that’s almost impossible with her having a Reality TV Show which, by its nature, is thirsty for controversy. I wish her super talented little self all the best!  She deserves to enjoy the success she spent all these years trying to attain. 

I saved my favorite for last.  She tears up this show-stopper from The Color Purple at the 61st annual Tony Awards.  Lots of room for interpretation in this powerfully emotional song (written that way, of course) and she delivers to perfection.  Enjoy!!

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