Sunbear recorded this self-titled album on short-lived Soul Train Records.  This label became Solar Records after Don Cornelius left the company.  This song is funky, eclectic and smacks of the experimental 70’s when music was all over the place… and that was a good thang!  This Jazz Fusion-Funk track always puts a big smile on my face.  It picks up my spirits because it’s so kickin’ and straight up fun.  Remember when music was designed to make you feel good, not depressed?  Sure, there was always that sobering breakup song here and there but the music was usually sweet with pretty, soothing chords not clashing sampled tracks that make you wanna go home and kick the dog or yell at your fellow crazy drivers in traffic.  If you want to feel good and have a blast listening to music, you’ll really enjoy Sunbear with the fun, funky and uplifting song, “Erika.”

posted by depluv2