Frank McComb is the closest sounding thing to Donny Hathaway since Donny Hathaway.  Yes, because he has a male voice and can sing in Donny’s exact key, he sounds more like him than Lalah Hathaway does; and she’s darn close.  I didn’t want to like him when I first heard of him in 2000 because I still played Donny like his songs were new releases, being my favorite musician of all time.  But Frank McComb is certainly worth a listen since sounding like Donny Hathaway can’t be all bad given that he had such a rich and unique style of vocals and his keyboard playing was equally distinctFrank has captured his vocal and piano playing style.  He resolves his vocal phrases with Donny’s deep-voiced rounding off riff.  It’s almost eerie while at the same time, very appealing.  Decide for yourself if you like this Donny clone or you’d rather stick with your old recordings that still sound fresh as a sea breeze today.  Here’s three samplings of Frank McComb.  Let me know what you think.

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