Heather Headley is one of those recording artists that you might think only sings R&B/Pop songs and has a moderately successful career. If you’re a Baby Boomer and her name doesn’t jump out at you, that helps to makes my point. Given that I’m not privy to her bank statements, I can’t tell you exactly how successful a recording career Heather has but I know this: If talent is the measure, she deserves to be “bigger than bubble gum and twice as sweet” (quote from late Detroit radio DJ, Al Perkins). Heather Headley was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana at age fifteen. This talented songstress stretches way beyond an R&B/Pop recording career; she has found success performing on Broadway and in the Gospel realm as well. She starred as AIDA in the Broadway production, Aida and as NALA in The Lion King, both of which featured music written by Elton John and Tim Rice. Unbelievably, Heather has only had three albums released; This Is Who I Am (2002), In My Mind (2006) and the R&B/Gospel album, Audience Of One (2009). Her first two R&B/Pop albums sold enough copies to be certified as Gold Records. Heather’s been nominated for numerous music awards and won a Grammy for her R&B Gospel album, Audience Of One and a couple of Soul Train Awards in 2003. We’re happy to share some of her live performances that exemplify how comfortable and truly amazing she is at working her musical gift of song in a variety of styles. The one thing you’ll always find present in any of her performances is her incredible ability to interpret a song. This young woman puts herself into the character of the person singing and lets the song ooze out beautifully through her every pore, never forcing it and resisting the temptation to over-emote the song by screaming out the lyrics. She’s a singer and that’s what she does immaculately, she sings! Please enjoy CURRENTLY ON STAGE… HEATHER HEADLEY.

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This is from the 2002 AOL Sessions videotaping of Heather’s hit, “I Wish I Wasn’t,” written by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis (Super Songwriter/Producers and members of The Time) and James Wright.

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Heather’s in concert here, proving that she’s no in-studio voice that hides behind technology; she’s an absolute songstress. This heart pounding live rendition of her hit, “He Is,” is the bomb-diggity!

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Heather starred in two Broadway musicals that featured the music of Elton John. Here, she’s throwing down on my favorite Elton song, “Your Song,” at a tribute to E.J.

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Heather Headley really shines in a great musical, she’s so interpretive. She leads this song on the Letterman Show as the character, Nala, from the Broadway production of The Lion King. Wow!

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Here’s a short clip from the Broadway musical, AIDA, where Heather Headley played the lead role. Here she performs, “Easy As Life.” I hope you can really appreciate her intensity as well as her pitch perfect voice.

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Displaying her musical dexterity, Heather Headley is equally comfortable in the Gospel realm singing

the Lionel Richie song, “Jesus Is Love,” with the immensely talented Gospel super star, Smokie Norful.

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