NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES is dedicated to bridging the musical gap between Baby Boomers and Generation X.  Nobody did a better job of doing this than Gerald Levert.  Everybody loved Gerald Levert for his impeccable singing voice, his untouchable showmanship and his consummate professionalism; you never saw him on stage unprepared or in bad form.  His music gap bridging accomplishments were probably excelled by the fact that he sounded familiar to Baby Boomers because he sounded like his beloved father, Eddie Levert of the O’Jays.  Then throw in the fact that he inherited Eddie’s brand of showmanship while, at the same time, actually was a young Gen X performer; who wasn’t gonna love them some Gerald Levert?  He was such an incredibly gifted performer that he became the unofficial UNDISPUTED KING OF TRIBUTE SHOWS.  If you were having a Music Tribute to an Icon of any generation of Soul Music, Gerald Levert got the call.  I’ll bet he was on Tribute Show producers speed dial and the first call they made.  He was guaranteed to wow the audience with an interpretation of the honored guest’s song like none of the other performers would do; he’d always go that extra mile.  He learned from the best… I mean, who is a better showman than his daddy, Eddie Levert?  What a talented family of singers!  When Gerald passed at age 40, it was ridiculously sad and bothered me for quite a while.  Then his talented little brother, Sean, died two years later at age 39.  My whole heart mourned for Eddie Levert and their family.  But while he was here, Gerald Levert turned it out time and again at the Music Tribute TV shows.  I thought I’d share some videos we found from some of the shows where Gerald absolutely slammed it!!  First up is a completely staged and choreographed Tribute with Gerald and his group Levert (Gerald, Sean, Marc) along with Boyz 2 Men.  This high octane performance was… well, let me let you judge for yourself.


All performers respected Gerald Levert’s talent as a performer.  You could tell how the iconic veterans, who are normally lukewarm to the abilities of the following generation of artists, all loved to be serenaded by Gerald and what he would do with their classic material.  Their responses were far more than just being polite for the TV cameras, they were out and out entertained by this young Super Star.  You’ll see what I mean as Patti LaBelle surely appreciates the sincerity he brings forth in the lyrics to her hit song, “Somebody Loves You Baby.”

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Gerald teamed up with Kelly Price and Sisqo to pay Tribute to Ronald Isley and the Isley Brothers.  It has to be intimidating to re-interpret such legendary songs with the Iconic Artist sitting right there but Gerald always made it look effortless.

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At first thought, you’d have to believe this was bad casting.  How could Gerald Levert, with such a heavy and powerful voice, sing a high pitched, sexy-voiced Smokey Robinson song?  Well, that’s why Gerald was the UNDISPUTED KING OF TRIBUTE SHOWS; he could sing anybody’s song and make it his own.  See how he tears up Smokey’s 60’s classic, “You Really Got A Hold On Me.”

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I promise to feature Gerald Levert in NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES soon singing his own material.  This tremendously talented young man is truly missed.  No one will ever fill the void his passing left on the Music Industry.  I want to leave you with two video clips of Gerald singing with his Dad, Eddie.  What magic!  What I like best about both of these singers is how they completely, emotionally immerse themselves into each and every song they sing.  You can tell, without a doubt, they mean those lyrics at the time the words are coming out of their mouths.  Rest In Peace Gerald Levert.  Please enjoy a live performance of “Already Missing You” that he and Eddie recorded together and a heart wrenching live performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Peace.

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