Earth, Wind & Fire just have a way of elevating your consciousness and making you feel sho’ nuff good about yourself, life, the flowers and the birds around you.  Feeling bad and bluesy?   Put on an Earth, Wind & Fire song and you’ll be feeling good in no time.  The That’s The Way of the World album almost single-handedly saved the music business when it went platinum in 1975 because all record sales in all genres of music were way, way down.  But this album sparked a feeling in all people to believe in something again.  EWF were inspirational by design and that’s why they are first up in the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER with, “That’s The Way of the World.”

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Common and  from the Black Eyed Peas teamed up for Common’s song, “A Dream.”  This INSPIRATIONAL SONG features samples from Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.  Just hearing MLK’s voice in a song is inspiring.  We need songs like this today in such a polarized America.  Enjoy and be INSPIRED by Common’s 2006 recording, “A Dream.”

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For better or worse, Rance Allen Group was one of the recording artists at the forefront of the Contemporary Gospel movement along with Andrae Crouch.  Some think Gospel has gotten a little too worldly and those who stand firmly behind the notion that today’s Contemporary Gospel speaks to young people who might otherwise pay no attention.  However you feel on the subject, this one Rance Allen song, I think, was appealing to most who heard it.  At the time of its 1977 release, “I’m Gonna Make It After All” did what Gospel music is supposed to do, stir men’s souls with the Good News about God’s Grace.  This song of hopefulness, no matter the odds, represented Encouragement, gave you a reason to Persevere and was INSPIRATIONAL at its core.  This song got me through many a’ tryin’ times back in the day and it still works for me today.  Give a listen and if it already isn’t, I’m sure it will become one of your “Go To” songs when things aren’t going so well.  I leave you with the Rance Allen Group’s, “I’m Gonna Make It After All,” in the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER.

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