Alright, stay with me on this one.  You see, what had happened was… In 1961 Ray Charles released the Blues recording of his composition, “I Believe To My Soul.”  In 1970, Donny Hathaway recorded the song on his album, Everything Is Everything.  Now, on Hathaway’s recording of “I Believe To My Soul,” his musical arrangement added a short musical phrase that dominated the middle to end of his record.  Donny apparently liked the musical phrase so much he placed it in the middle to end of the Roberta Flack song that he arranged and wrote with Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson.  This song that also possessed this musical phrase is called, “Gone Away,” from Roberta’s Chapter Two album.  Who knows, maybe Hathaway composed the musical phrase for Roberta’s album first; Everything Is Everything and Chapter Two both came out in 1970.  Still with me?  The reason this musical phrase is so important is because T.I. (or his producer) sampled this Donny Hathaway musical phrase and made it the entire music track to his blockbuster hit song, “What You Know About That.”  So, T.I.’s “What You Know About That” sampled track (THIS) comes from the Donny Hathaway musical phrase (THAT) that he used in his recording of, “I Believe To My Soul” and Roberta Flack’s recording of his song, “Gone Away.”  Whew!!!

Give a listen to the side-by-side comparison of T.I.’s music track and the same very distinctive musical phrase you’ll hear starting at 1 minutes/40 seconds into Donny Hathaway’s song.

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Ray Charles’  original version of his composition, “I Believe To My Soul,” was a very dark and heavy Blues song.  Donny’s arrangement was playful and a fast-moving groove.  Chikeze was a standout contestant on American Idol a few seasons back and he did a phenomenal job of performing his interpretation of the Donny Hathaway arrangement of “I Believe To My Soul.”  Enjoy.

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Roberta Flack’s song, “Gone Away,” is such a beautiful, sad song it could move you to tears.  You can hear Donny Hathaway’s voice clearly singing with the background vocals at the end of the song.  Donny Hathaway’s distinctive orchestral/musical phrase that he used in his 1970 recording of the Ray Charles song, “I Believe To My Soul” and Roberta Flack’s hauntingly beautiful Donny/Curtis Mayfield & Leroy Hutson composition, “Gone Away,” stood out because of the unusual instrumentation for a Blues or Soul song.  The instrumentation sounds like something you’d find in a Classical Symphony composition.  In Donny’s musical arrangement of “Gone Away,” the musical phrase occurs 2 minutes/50 seconds into the song … but when you hear it, you’ll never forget it.  It jumped right out at me the first time I heard the T.I. song, “What You Know About That.”  Give a listen to the other song that contains the little chunk of musical genius that was sampled to be the whole music track for T.I.’s hit recording.  This is Roberta Flack’s, “Gone Away.”

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