Musiq Soulchild , born Taalib Johnson in 1977, is the oldest of nine children.  He left home at age 17 and got his name Musiq on the streets of Philadelphia, PA, where he performed and honed his style.  Since his recording debut in 2000, he has released 6 albums and earned a slew of music awards and nominations.  What’s so different about this Philadelphian vocalist is his singing styleMusiq is one of those rare artists who burst onto the scene with a totally new and refreshing way to turn a phrase.  His up and down rhythmic way of singing a musical phrase was unlike anyone else out at the time.  Since then his style has been imitated, which is acknowledgement that he is an innovative force to be reckoned with.  Musiq is also appreciated for his phenomenally sensitive and impeccably phrased lyrics.  He tells one heck of a story with his songs.  Its hard to believe a man of his young age has insight like he has about human relationships; like I said, totally new thoughts and fresh ideas for a storyline.  Wow!  He’s a singer, he’s a musician, he’s quite the showman; perfectly confident onstage and as entertaining as can be.  This Baby Boomer is proud to present this Generation X recording artist, MUSIQ SOULCHILD… CURRENTLY ON STAGE.

Musiq’s current release is the lyrically-stunning song, “Yes.”  Check out his Music Video which tells the story about his woman who is faced with the possibility of Breast removal in her concern about Breast Cancer.  He speaks of his undying love, affection and allegiance to their relationship.  Listen to his incredibly sweet lyrics that are really brought out with this video.  This is, “Yes.”

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The prettiest and most touching song Musiq Soulchild has created to this point, for my money, is “Don’t Change.”  The lyrics are words all men should be able to say to their woman with confidence.  If you can’t utter the words to this song, you’d have to question if what you think is love is real.  When I first heard this song in 2002, I was hooked.  It comes from his 2nd album, Juslisen (Just Listen)… please enjoy the well produced Music Video for the hit song, “Don’t Change,” or as Musiq writes it, “Dontchange.”

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The very first single released by Musiq Soulchild was “Just Friends (Sunny),” in 2000 on his Aijuswanaseing (I Just Wanna Sing) album.  This song jumped out at me when I first heard it because of its familiar melody but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Finally, when I learned the song title was giving credit to the greatest Pop song ever penned, Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny,” the mystery was solved.  The melody is based on the slowed down melody for “Sunny.”  When he hums the melody at the beginning of the song, you can hear it the easiest.  I love, “Sunny,” so he had me hooked.  He didn’t sample the Hebb music, he paid fully credited homage to Bobby Hebb’s beautiful melody.  Right away I knew there was something different about this young recording artist… something exceptional.  This is Musiq performing live on the TV show, Later, performing his very witty debut song, “Just Friends (Sunny).”

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This live performance on VH1’s Live Soul is Musiq’s slick cover of the Beatles’ song, “Something.”

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Musiq participated on the very well done album, Silky Soul Music: An All-Star Tribute to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.  This 2009 recording featured Maze songs as recorded by Mary J. Blige, Raheem DeVaughn, Kem, Ledisi and more.  This is Musiq’s contribution, the funky fun song that was Maze’s tribute to Marvin Gaye, “Silky Soul.”

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Also from his incredible first album, Aijuswanaseing (I Just Wanna Sing), Musiq Soulchild established the truly beautiful love ballad that has come to be expected on all of his recordings.  The first in his long line of instant classics was the great song, “Love.”  Many church singers and choirs have changed the word, “Love” to “Lord,” and have transposed it into a supposed Gospel rendering.  I personally believe in keeping a song to its original intent, in this case Musiq is speaking directly to the entity “Love” and discusses its affect on so many of us; it’s wonderfully designed as song lyrics go.  This Singer-Songwriter-Musician is set on the path for a lifetime recording career.  His talented and creative way of writing is one sign of his staying power; especially since a perfectly-crafted love song will never go out of style.  We leave you with the final song for CURRENTLY ON STAGE… MUSIQ SOULCHILD singing, “Love.”  Enjoy!

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