The LISTENING LOUNGE is where you can come to hear Soulful AUDIO VIDEOS of songs that Radio seems to have forgotten.  Most of these selected songs were recorded in the Pre-Music Video era, so they never had an accompanying Music Video.  We figured, in the LISTENING LOUNGE, we still get to share some of our old favorites that you rarely hear on Radio today, if at all.  So sit back, relax and let us take you back to THEN… when you left the Radio on all day in hopes of hearing them play your JAM one more time.  Well, we got that JAM for you… that SOULFUL SONG RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN… in the LISTENING LOUNGE.

When I first heard Ronnie Dyson, I thought he was a female because his Natural Voice, not Falsetto, his Natural Voice is so high, unstrained and crystal clear.  His voice is seriously one of the purest and most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my entire life.  Ronnie was a standout from Day One.  His voice stood out in musicals like HAIR and it was also at the top of the heap in the record biz.  I cannot get enough of this song… even though I can’t remember when I heard it on Radio last.  Sadly, Ronnie died unexpectedly in 1990 at the age of 40.  I remember being shocked of his passing because he was so young to be taken away by a Heart Attack.  His voice and style were so unique that no one has come remotely close to filling the void left by the loss of this truly gifted singer.  How on earth could Radio forget to play Ronnie Dyson’s incredible 1973 cover of the Delfonics song, “When You Get Right Down To It?”

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I got all sweaty as a kid hearing “Stay Still” by Margie Joseph.  I fell in love with her voice when I first heard it.  Yeah, she was always compared to Aretha Franklin and, yes, there are similarities but she is the BOMB in her own right.  In 1975 Margie dropped this sultry song and it has haunted me, in a very, very good way, from that point on.  I have to hear this gorgeous song every now and then to keep my world balanced.  Ronnie Laws recorded a beautiful Instrumental rendition of this song in ’76.  Enjoy the song penned by (Margaret) Margie Joseph, her classic, “Stay Still.”

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“New Day,” was written by the songwriting duo of Cecil and Linda Womack, also known as Womack & Womack; they also wrote “Love TKO,” recorded by Teddy Pendergrass.  This is a great SOULFUL SONG RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.  Please enjoy George Benson singing, “New Day” in the LISTENING LOUNGE.

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1975 was a great year for Soul Music with hits like “That’s The Way of the World” (EWF), “Sweet Thing” (Rufus featuring Chaka Khan), “Love Rollercoaster” (Ohio Players), “School Boy Crush” (Average White Band) and “Always There” (Ronnie Laws).  All these ’75 songs were seminal songs, which, by definition, means they were “Highly original and influencing the development of future events.”  Another such song for me, was this song by a group called Black Ivory.  Please listen intently to the lyrics of this beautiful song.  Not wanting a love relationship to end, the singer is pleading with LOVE to stay just one more day; great story sung incredibly by Lead Singer Leroy Burgess, Stuart Bascombe and Russell Patterson.  The Buddha Records album was entitled Feel It and the song is still one of my favorites today.  When was the last time you heard, “Love Won’t You Stay” by Black Ivory?

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My absolute favorite Wilson Pickett song is, “I’m In Love.”  This song was released in 1967, a long hot summer of rioting for us in the Motor City.  Incredibly, some really wonderful songs came out that year.  This song was written by Bobby Womack, supposedly in response to criticism of him marrying the widow of his good friend, Sam Cooke, shortly after his death.  Wilson sticks a fork in the song with his passionate, heart wrenching and soul stirring delivery.  My only complaint is that it was written in an era when the average length of a song was 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  I have to play it at least 10 times in a row to get my fill.  Aretha presented us with another great interpretation of this song in ’74 but we’re gonna share this version with you in the LISTENING LOUNGE.  I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy Wilson Pickett’s, “I’m In Love.”

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Earth Wind & Fire’s seemingly eternal flame was flickering in the 90’s with an unbelievable possibility of blowing out.  The incredible run that EWF had is a feat to be rivaled by most bands.  However, in 1993 they released an album that was almost overlooked.  Yeah, they got a little airplay for “Sunday Morning” and a spattering of play for our next song from their Millennium album.  Turns out their fearless leader, Maurice White, was fighting a debilitating illness.  That explains why their music was affected but it doesn’t explain why “Spend The Night,” still rarely gets played on today’s Radio.  Not to worry… NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES has this great song for you right here and now.  Enjoy!

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Phoebe Snow , born Phoebe Ann Laub, all but left the music biz in ’75 to care for her mentally impaired daughter until her daughter’s death in 2007.  She did manage projects here and there, however, like her 1977 release of the Never Letting Go album which brought forth her hit, “Love Makes A Woman.”  This Barbara Acklin classic was partly written by Eugene Record of the Chi-Lites.  Sadly, Phoebe died just four short years after her daughter, in April of 2011, at the age of 60.  One thing’s for sure, Phoebe had an astounding vocal range and could sing with a unique sound all her own… Okay… that’s two things.  Check out Phoebe Snow singing “Love Makes A Woman.”

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We’re gonna Piggy Back Phoebe’s song with the original track by Barbara Acklin.  She was rumored to have been with or married to Eugene Record at one time.  What we do know for sure is that she and Eugene were songwriting partners.  They co-wrote the Chi-Lites hit, “Have You Seen Her.”  Barbara’s release of “Love Makes A Woman,” was in 1968.  It was her best known song and for good reason; this is the Sho ‘Nuff JamBarbara passed in November of 1998.  Enjoy her original rendition of “Love Makes A Woman.” 

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Ronnie Dyson was lead singer of the long-titled song, “If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can’t I Touch You,” in the musical play, SALVATION. This song led to his recording career and was the title track on his first album in 1970. On that same album, my favorite song was the beautiful and soulful plea, “Make It With You.”

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 We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to the LISTENING LOUNGE. We’ll leave you with this encore by Margie Joseph singing her other most noted song from her 1974 Sweet Surrender album. This is yet another SOULFUL SONG RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN. Please enjoy Margie Joseph singing, “Ridin’ High.” Oh… and… we’ll see you next time in the LISTENING LOUNGE. Y’all be comin’ back again, ya’ hear? Peace!

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