Heavy D, born Dwight Arrington Myers, passed away November 8, 2011 at the age of 44.  His death was reported to be from Respiratory Distress due to Pneumonia.  His sudden passing shocked music lovers everywhere.  This young man, whom everybody in the industry seemed to love, had accomplished much in his short, productive life.  Even if you’re a Baby Boomer who wasn’t into 80’s Rap Music, you were familiar with Heavy D’s outstanding work.  How?  His fun, positive work was widely accepted entertainment even for the older generation.  I know I recommended his music to my children as music that I approved of.  But Heavy D’s work is extremely familiar to all because he created the theme songs for the Sketch Comedy shows, In Living Color (two different versions of the theme) and Mad TVHeavy D also composed the Theme Music for the Tracy Morgan ShowIn Living Color launched the entertainment careers for Damon, Keenan Ivory and Shawn Wayans, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, Kim Coles, Tommy Davidson and Fly Girl dancer Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez as their choreographer.  Check out the very familiar Theme Music for In Living Color and Mad TV.

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Heavy D , born in Jamaica and raised in Mount Vernon, New York, performed musically as Heavy D & the BoyzThe Boyz were his accompanying DJ and Producer, Eddie F (Eddie Ferrell) and his Dancers, G Wiz (Glen Parrish) and the late Trouble T Roy (Troy Dixon).  They were the first group to sign with Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records and their debut album, Living Large, was released in 1987.  In the mid 90’s, Heavy D became the President of Uptown Records.  He ushered Sean “P Diddy” Combs into the music biz by bringing him on as an Intern for Uptown RecordsHeavy D also helped to develop Mary J. Blige’s career and introduced the world to “Candy Rain,” through the R&B group he signed, Soul For RealHeavy D’s songs transcended age barriers because of his incredible lyrical skills.  His songs are Pure Poetry… the thought-provoking lyrics just roll off his tongue with the greatest of ease; even the rapid-fire tongue twisting ones he exhibited often.  Even an “old pooper” like me could understand his lyrics… I can’t say that about many Rappers.  His skills as a Prolific Rapper are displayed here on a song where the Hook is an eight-noted Bassline track that is a Sample from Miles Davis’ classic, “B****es Brew.”  Enjoy this live In Living Color performance of his ’92 song featuring Flavor Flav, “You Can’t See What I Can See.”

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Heavy’s recording artist career brought on Hit after Hit like, “The Overweight Love In The House,” “We Got Our Own Thang,” “Somebody For Me,” “Black Coffee,” “Gyrlz They Love Me” and “Nuttin’ But Love.” Heavy D also succeeded in developing a serious Acting career.  He had recurring roles on Living Single, Roc and Boston Public, a regularly featured role on the Tracy Morgan Show and many appearances on other TV shows like Bones, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Are We There Yet, Yes Dear, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, A Different World, Tales From the Crypt, For Your Love and Martial Law.  He acted on stage and appeared in films like Life, Cider House Rules, Tower Heist, Step Up, Larceny, Dallas 362, BAPS, Big Trouble and Next Afternoon.  After the death of Dancer, Trouble T Roy (Troy Dixon), Heavy D & the Boyz released a contemplative collection entitled, Peaceful JourneyHeavy reached back to his Jamaican origins and included this song that features Jamaica’s Third World band’s Iconic song as it’s hook; check out the Music Video for, “Now That We’ve Found Love.”

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Also found on the Peaceful Journey album was a song that is dear to my heart.  I appreciate the fact that Heavy D stepped up to the plate and made a very mature plea to the Hip-Hop recording community to consider not putting profanities on their recordings.  For the song, “Don’t Curse,” Heavy D recruited some Super Stars of the Hip-Hop world.  I love the fact that he didn’t have to but still he chose to take a stand.  Not only that, he didn’t bore his Hip-Hop audience with some sub par message song, this Joint is Slammin’!  Its infectious, driving groove is sampled from “Hip Hug Her” by Booker T. & the MG’s.  Check the Rhyme and the Message in, “Don’t Curse.”

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In October of 2011, Heavy D performed a medley of his Hits at the televised BET Awards.  It was his first live performance in 15 years but sadly turned out to be his last, dying suddenly the very next month.  Rest In Peace you Totally Gifted and Talented young brother… the music world’s beloved, HEAVY D.