NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES is excited to bring you this article, CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCES.  Why?  Because there is nothing so entertaining as to look back on artists in live performances kickin’ out their Jams for all to see.  We’re ecstatic to have found so many Classic Moments in TV Performance History… and now we get to share these moments with you… all in one article!  You don’t have to hunt around to find these gems, they’re all right here for your viewing pleasure, back-to-back.  Oh, we’ve got lots and lots more but we figured we’d narrow this month’s article down to 10 really good videos.  Okay, let’s get started before I burst!

First up, the group who performs better than any other, Morris Day & The Time.  Whenever they perform live it’s a Classic moment because they bring the energy, the showmanship and the flat out musical excellence.  Check out these Cats settin’ it O-U-T, out with “Jungle Love.”

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Have you ever seen the Joneses perform their hit, “Sugar Pie Guy?”  I know there are many who never laid eyes on the Joneses live or on TV.  Not to worry, we got ‘em for you now.  The Joneses, pink bell bottomed tuxes and all, jam on the dance routine to their ’74 smash, “Sugar Pie Guy.”

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Ron Banks & the Dramatics had a long string of hits and solid albums.  Sometimes other singing groups take a back seat in the Motor City to the great Temptations but the Dramatics were like the Rolling Stones were to the Beatles; incredible in their own right with a different twist on the same element.  They did their own thang and they did it extremely well.  In fact, they weren’t given enough credit for their outstanding dancing abilities as they exemplify in this clip of one of my favorite Dramatics songs.  I think I love this clip because it shows how dynamic Lenny Mayes was in this group.  They were all fantastic and there is no denying the standout talents of Ron Banks and L.J. Reynolds but Lenny was that shiny penny for me that made them extra special.  Here are the Dramatics performing on Soul Train, this incredibly-written song, “Me, Myself & I.”

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Barbara Mason was 17 years old when she wrote her breakout hit, “Yes I’m Ready” for Arctic Records.  I know I had a crush on this “older woman” in 1965, as did most young guys I knew.  This Jam from the Black & White TV days still stands up as one of the cutest Pop songs ever.  Enjoy this rare look at Barbara Mason singing, “Yes, I’m Ready.”

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If you know the musical me at all, you know I had serious issues with the Disco Era; so much bad music was put out and the Cream of the Crop performers struggled to sell R&B records.  Many great ones didn’t weather the Disco Storm and disappeared from the music business.  However, those  few Disco songs I liked, I really liked.  Donna Summer, the undisputed Disco Queen, I liked… because Donna Summer, unlike too many, could really, really sing!  I loved most Donna Summer songs and when I saw her in concert with the Spinners when she first burst onto the scene, I was sold on her talents.  Here is her CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE in the year 2000.  Please enjoy one of my favorite Donna Summer songs, “Dim All The Lights.”

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When you say underrated singers, Eugene Record’s face should pop up in your brain.  As successful as the Chi-Lites were, Eugene Record wasn’t nearly as widely known as he should have been.  His name should come up in all discussions of the greatest R&B singers.  This song shows off his great songwriting abilities, too.  This is “Oh Girl,” as performed by Eugene Record and the Chi-Lites.

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Now if you tell me this wasn’t your JAM back in 1974, those of us Ripe enough to remember, then I don’t know what to do for you.  The Natural Four caught Lightning In a Bottle just one time… but what a Storm it was.  This is one of those songs you just can’t get enough of.  I love it to pieces.  Here, they perform “Can This Be Real” on the Midnight Special.  I give you, the Natural Four.

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This next CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE is from (producer) Norman Whitfield’s group, who hit the ground running with their first album, the 1976 Car Wash soundtrack, which brought such hits as “I’m Going Down,” “Car Wash” and “I Wanna Get Next To You.”  The second album brought forth more classics, “Ooh Boy” and “Wishing On A Star.”  I thought they were unstoppable and would go on forever but by 1980, four short years from their onset, Lead singer Gwen Dickey left the group and it was ”all she wrote” for the hit records.  Howsoever (as James Brown would say), in 1978 they struck it rich again with the third album’s smoker, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.”  This is Rose Royce in a CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE.

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NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES is happy to bring you this rare look at this talented group of real Siblings, the Five Stairsteps.  Chicago’s Burke family of singers and musicians started their recording career in 1966; they were quite young.  The elusive Fame caught up to them in 1970 with this song that is the very definition of the word, “CLASSIC.”  The song went Gold for the group and went on to become an Anthem for the 60’s/70’s Peace & Love era that Bell Bottomed jeans and Paisley shirts represent.  It’s simply one of the Best Songs Ever Recorded.  Enjoy this Soul Train performance of the Five Stairsteps, “O-o-h Child.”

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We’ll leave you with one more CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE… well, actually… it’s the official Music Video for this 1982 song.  I was delighted to find it because I had never seen it before and never had the opportunity to see this guy perform live… so this rare peek is a great thang.  JUNIOR, whose real name is Norman Washington Giscombe, is British born and one of the first Brits to achieve a hit R&B record in the U.S.  Him being from Great Britain explains why I couldn’t find out much about him at the time the song was out.  It was a hit… I was playing it all the time on WJLB in Detroit… but nobody seemed to know who he was.  This Dance Classic was so infectious… you just had to love it’s drive and twists and turns.  Yep, the Jam!  This is JUNIOR’s CLASSIC TV (video) PERFORMANCE of “Mama Used To Say.”  Enjoy!  Peace.

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