Welcome to the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER… your place of refuge from the day-to-day drain on your mind, body and soul.  Here we play songs that INSPIRE or just plain make you feel better… bring a smile to your face or set you in a contemplative mood that’s ripe for flying while sitting still.  No mind-altering substances needed here, just beautiful songs.  First up, this song by Janet Jackson is at times overlooked because it is the last track on her Velvet Rope album.  But it deserves to be heard over and over again.  It tells of how we should view ourselves as “SPECIAL,” regardless of where we find ourselves at any point in life… regardless of our stature, our status or our stomping grounds… we are all placed on this planet for a very specific reason.  That alone makes us all “SPECIAL.”  Here’s Janet Jackson.

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This song has moved many a people to tears over the years.  For me, it’s Sylvester’s best song.  He could make you feel “Mighty Real” and want to Hit the Floor Dancin’ but this song that he uses to express his love and appreciation for his background singers, Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes, is my favorite for it’s sheer sincerity and touching lyrics; it tells a wonderful story of friendship that was almost overlooked.  I know you’ll be INSPIRED by Sylvester, Martha and Izora singing, “You Are My Friend.”

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You know how today’s Radio DJ’s rarely say who’s singing the songs anymore?  Well, the artist name behind this song alluded me for a long time.  The song jumped out at me because of the Martin Luther King reference, which has no bearing on the subject of the song.  I finally heard his name in a commercial when a Detroit radio station was promoting a local appearance by Calvin Richardson and played his popular song.  This song INSPIRES me for just being a LOVE SONG that expresses that love in poetic instead of graphic terms.  To quote an old Soul Classic, “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round.”  Enjoy “You’re So Amazing,” by Calvin Richardson in the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER.

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