Vanilla Ice’s undoing as a Rapper began when he lost his Street Cred (“credibility” for us Squares) and his Writing Cred.  Not only did he fabricate a tall tale about his whole background but he originally claimed he wrote the music for his 1990 Hit, “Ice Ice Baby.”  After being busted, he later admitted that he sampled the track but he had added sumthin’ sumthin’ and that made it a brand new track.  This had to be one of the most clear cut note-for-note Samples in the history of music.  The original music is from a 1981 collaboration between David Bowie and Queen called “Under Pressure.”  Not only was it a huge Hit and thus, well known but the Music Hook for “Ice Ice Baby” was also the Music Hook in the original, “Under Pressure.”  The lyrically strummed bassline was played all throughout “Under Pressure.”  I guess Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) was counting on his Black audience to be totally ignorant of what David Bowie and Queen were doing just inches away on the Radio dial.  He must not have imagined any older folk, like parents with more diverse music knowledge, to ever hear his song.  Doesn’t seem like he expected his song to get big enough for David Bowie or Queen to hear it wa-a-a-a-ay overseas.  I guess he was thinking like a young man… wait a minute… it’s coming back to me… oh yeah, I’ve been there myself.  In this case, Vanilla Ice admitted he lied about the origin of the Sampled Track but sometimes a Rapper is given a track by a Producer or Beats person without knowledge of what music the Sample came from.  I have personally brought the origin of Sampled Tracks to the attention of young Rappers before.  Oftimes the Rapper is not the one who comes up with the Music Tracks, be they Sampled or Original music, just like many singer/songwriters don’t create their own music.  In the earlier days of Rap, lots of Original Creators of the Sampled music were not given their due credit or Royalty payments… Um Jus’ Sayin’.  Anyway, aside from Vanilla Ice’s stretched imagination about his history and the true author of the “Ice Ice Baby” music, it was a nice song and, though many won’t admit it now, folks were gobbling it up at the time.  What was there to not like… the track was slammin’!  THIS FROM THAT is sharing both songs as a side-by-side comparison to show that the music for “Ice Ice Baby” (THIS) came from “Under Pressure” (THAT).  See if you agree.  Let’s start with Vanilla Ice’s hit song.

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Here’s the original track that was Sampled by Vanilla Ice, “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen.  In 1981 they wound up in the recording studio together, joined their creative talents and this very popular song was born.  We found a video posted by darkguardian81.  The video has David Bowie and Queen edited to be performing together onstage.  It’s a very well edited video so we decided to show it to you.  Thanks darkguardian81.  This song has the original music for “Ice Ice Baby”… this is “Under Pressure.”

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I sincerely hope you decided to scroll down to this last video because this contribution is Jim Carrey parodying Vanilla Ice in a performance of “Ice Ice Baby” on In Living Color.  This is so hilarious, I probably should have shown this video first.  Enjoy!

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