Ledisi Anibade Young was born in New Orleans and raised in Oakland, California.  As a performer, she just goes by the name, LEDISI (pronounced Led’-i-see).  In my opinion, she is like a modern day Chaka Khan… not that she sounds like Chaka Khan or even tries to emulate her… I mean in terms of talent, she is Generation X’s most truly gifted Singer out today.  Like Chaka, Ledisi can just flat-out sing with boundless Range and an incredibly beautiful and interpretive voice.  That’s why she’s chosen this month to be NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES’ featured artist.  Just in case you have not had the pleasure of hearing or seeing Ledisi perform, our first clip is a perfect example of just how PHE-NOM-E-NAL this young singer is.  She really shows out in this intimate setting with an incredible vocal arrangement of the song made famous by the great Louis Armstrong, “What A Wonderful World.”  I promise, you’ll agree with my assessment of how talented she is after this Video Clip.  This is LEDISICURRENTLY ON STAGE.

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Did I lie to you?  This chile’ know she can spit out a song!  Now that’s undeniable TalentLedisi started her recording career with her own independent label (co-owned by Sundra Manning), LeSun Records.  She actually began out front for her singing group, Anibade, which is also her middle name.  Her second album was a straight up Jazz album.  We all know lots of great, great singers who never make it… but every now and then, some attain the success they so rightly deserve.  One such person who deserves all the accolades she receives… is Miss Ledisi.

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I first saw Ledisi on Michael Baisden’s After Dark TV Show in November of 2007.  Baisden was on a mission to expose the public to the outright-talented-but-somehow-still-unknown Soul Singers of today.  That’s where I also first saw Elizabeth Withers.  I was very impressed with Ledisi’s performance on After Dark and filed her name away to the right side of my brain (or wherever my memory is) with the intent to seek out her music for my personal collection.  A short time later, my close friend Brent gave me a burned CD of his personal favorites from Ledisi’s first two albums.  Okay… wait a minute… how do I know that name?… Oh yeah… her… done deal… Now I must get my hands on everything she has ever recorded… I’m a believer and a Fan-For-Life.  This chile’ can SANG!

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Ledisi has released 6 albums since 2000; Soulsinger: The Revival (2000), Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue (2002), Lost & Found (2007), It’s Christmas (2008), Turn Me Loose (2009) and Pieces of Me (2011).  She has appeared on countless recordings for R&B, Jazz, Latin and Standards projects.  She’s been nominated for Grammy, BET and Soul Train Awards; winning is just a matter of time.

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Ledisi records for Verve Records.  A Gen X singer with her versatility can often blow the brain right off the typical record company’s collective head.  They usually pigeon-hole a performer to the point of not knowing what to do with them.  But Verve seems to get Ledisi.  They seem to be smart enough to let her cross genre barriers and be who she is.  A Great Singer.  Most times us audience folk are smart enough to recognize Greatness when we see it.

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If (in my opinion) Gerald Levert was the Undisputed King of the TV Tribute Show, Ledisi is rapidly becoming the Undisputed Queen of the Tribute Album.  She’s been featured on Music Tribute Albums for Earth Wind & Fire, Ella Fitzgerald and Luther Vandross.  When some Super Talent is being honored on wax, Ledisi is usually among the Chosen Few to sing that Icon’s material… no matter the music genre.  Why?  Because they know she will deliver… like she did on this song from We All Love Ella: Celebrating The First Lady Of Song, the 2007 Tribute Album for Ella Fitzgerald.  Not many youngsters can do what Ledisi did with this standard.  Not putting today’s young artists down but merely saying that her ability to interpret any song, any genre is what makes her stand out today.  Check out Ledisi in a Live Performance of the Ella Fitzgerald classic, “Blues In The Night.”

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I saw Ledisi perform in concert at Chene Park in Detroit in the midst of a horrific rain & wind stormChene Park’s ampitheatre is an outdoor stage on the Detroit Riverfront so a windy rainstorm blows tons of rain right on stage.  Ledisi, however, was a trooper and barely acknowledged the scary elements and after a short while, the audience forgot about the storm, too.  She is a consummate professional… and what stage presence!  She’s worth every penny to see her Live in Concert.

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I’ll leave you with Ledisi singing at the Memorial Tribute Concert to celebrate Gospel Legend, Walter Hawkins, nine days after his passing in July of 2010.  She kept it very respectful, minimizing Vocal Tricks and she seemed very humbled to be on the performance roster.  Keep in mind, Tremaine Hawkins, Walter’s lead vocalist who made the song that Ledisi sang famous, was also in attendance and on the performance bill.  A true talent with a genuine respect for her chosen field.  Whenever Ledisi is CURRENTLY ON STAGE… she knows just what to do to move you and I.  Her future is wa-a-a-ay too bright for shades.  Go, girl… Go!

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