Remember the days of Top 40 radio?  That’s when each station had a playlist and their 40 favorite hits on that list got heightened airplay.  Sure, they slid in lesser rated songs here and there but the Top 40 songs were heard over and over and over.  Well, 40 years later, too many radio stations play their Golden Oldies in a Top 40-like rotation so you hear the same handful of Vintage tunes constantly while they neglect the tens of thousands of other great classic songs that they could play.  I don’t want my Oldies in Heavy Rotation so I grow tired of them for the rest of my life.  I want them to be fresh reminiscences that warm my soul.  Welcome to the LISTENING LOUNGE, where we spread the wealth around.  This month we have a fresh new batch of JAMS for your discriminating eardrum.

 Oh yeah, Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band!  That’s got to be one of the longest names for a band ever.  But “Love Land”… this was it for me.  This was my song!  Is Charles Wright leading on vocals or is drummer, James Gadson, really singing this tune?  It doesn’t sound like the same Charles Wright on “Express Yourself” to me… not even close to me.  But whoever is on the lead vocals… this is still my song some 41 or 42 years later.  Wow, am I that old?  Anyway, check out one of my favorite SOULFUL SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN, “Love Land.”

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No one sings more SOULFULLY than Phyllis Hyman.  Almost everything she sings is my favorite Phyllis song but this song really stands out for me.  It doesn’t get any better than, “Be Careful (How You Treat My Love).”  Enjoy!

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It’s hard to think of a Peabo Bryson song that didn’t receive favorable attention back in the day but I really think this song was under-played even then.  Maybe that was just true for the Detroit area radio stations but I never heard this one enough.  Well, we aim to share this slammer with you right now.  Here’s Peabo doing his ever-lovin’ thang on, “Love Has No Shame,” in the LISTENING LOUNGE.

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Remember Yutaka?  Don’t say, “Kazuntheight” or “Bless You;” I didn’t sneeze.  I said Yutaka Yokokura, Japanese musician who sang a beautiful duet with Patti Austin on his ’78 classic song, “Love Light.”  Let your memory gland savor this one.

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In Detroit Radio, the Electrifyin’ Mojo introduced us all to this next tune.  Hovering high over the Motor City in his Mother Ship, he used to Slam this Jam nightly.  Even hearing it today makes me think of the great Mojo.  Our friends at DISCOGS have Greg listed as having released two albums.  That’s one more album than I knew about.  But in 1977, he struck a chord with this Jammy Jam from his Smokin’ LP.  This is Greg Perry’s incredibly Sultry Smash, “Come Fly With Me.”

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Phil Perry wrote this song and was Lead Singer on this 1972 track from the little Paula Records label.  I love this song and, of course, nobody knew Phil Perry back then since he hadn’t broken out yet but it gives listening to this JAM today that lil’ special twinkle.  This song is proof that this incredible singer came out the gate Sssmokin’.  Here’s Phil Perry and the Montclairs singing, “Baby (You Know I’m Gonna Miss You).” 

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So many phenomenal songs were released in 1975… a great year for music.  The Commodores’ second album, Caught In The Act, brought us the hit dance groove, “Slippery When Wet.”  It’s bad enough you never hear that smash hit on radio anymore but you don’t hear my favorite song from that album either.  Seriously, I’d like to know the last time you heard this one on the airwaves.  Check out the Commodores and, “This Is Your Life.”

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Legendary Motown Producer, Harvey Fuqua, managed three groups:  The Nite-Liters Band who had the hit instrumental, “K-Jee,” the singing group Love, Peace & Happiness, which featured Leslie and Melvin Wilson on vocals and the group, New Birth.  Well, they all merged together and became known as New Birth.  They had a string of hits in the 70’s and this one is one of my favorites.  Check out this ’74 classic, “It’s Been A Long Time” by New Birth.

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Stevie Wonder was already as bad as they come singing the Motown Machine’s standard of Soul Hits but when he broke out on his own to express himself Stevie-Style, he took music to a “Whole n’other level,” to quote Detroit comic Keegan Michael Key; who has the brand new sketch comedy show with Jordan Peele called Key & Peele on Comedy Central TV.  Anyway, Stevie’s album, Music Of My Mind, was the Pinnacle of Newness that burst onto the music scene in ’72.  I’m amazed that Radio seems to have forgotten this one but we have it for you here in the LISTENING LOUNGE.  This is Stevie Wonder, “Super Woman (Where Were You When I Needed You).”

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There is just something about this song from the Stylistics.  It just puts me on a surreal cloud of happiness even though the song is about a love affair gone bad.  I could listen to Russell Thompkins’ crystal clear falsetto voice sing this super smooth song all day long… it’s so well-written.  It was written by super-producers Thom Bell and Kenny Gamble.  And, of course, the Stylistics set it out for us in 1973.  I wanna thank you for joining us in the LISTENING LOUNGE experiencing SOULFUL SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.  I’m gonna leave you with this one but don’t take it personally; “Payback Is A Dog.”  Peace!

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