This month’s issue of GOSPEL HIGHLIGHTS features a smattering of songs that I consider GOSPEL CLASSICS.  I hope you agree with my choices; if not, make a comment and share some of your suggested CLASSICS.  My list is not based on record sales but the public acceptance of the songs as monumental.

This is still my favorite Winans song, after all these years and all the wonderful recordings they’ve made.  I just respond to this song’s message and Pastor Marvin’s compassionate and heartfelt rendering of this GOSPEL CLASSIC; these are the Winans and, “The Question Is.”

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Mattie Moss Clark’s talented and anointed daughters have blessed us with many a song over the years and this is one of the standouts.  When I think of classic Clark Sisters songs, this is the first song that comes to my mind.  Enjoy Twinkie, Karen, Dorinda and Jackie as they lift Him up real high with, “You Brought The Sunshine.”

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 Smokie Norful inspires us when he sings about the Lord’s blessings.  He feels every inch of the lyric he sings and ministers to us with his conviction to convey each song’s message and edify God while doing so.  I choose “I Need You Now” as my Smokie Norful GOSPEL CLASSIC.

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What better description of a Christian is there than this song by Donnie McClurkin?  We are not perfect but must keep getting up when we fall down.  I think this song became an instant CLASSIC because the message is clear enough to resonate with anyone who professes to be Saved.  This is, “We Fall Down,” by Donnie McClurkin.

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Shekinah Glory ministered to many a teary-eyed Saint with this one.  This CLASSIC song of instruction is a Call To Altar song if I ever heard one.  I never get enough of hearing, “Say Yes.”

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In the 70’s, the late James Cleveland was the biggest name in Gospel music.  He has so many CLASSICS it was hard to narrow my choice down to any one.  I settled on one of my favorites from this masterful Story Telling Minister of Music; “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired.”

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This has to be one of the most reverent songs ever recorded.  This song of total surrender unto the Father is certainly one of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear.  What a wonderful Praise!  This is Richard Smallwood’s, “Total Praise.”

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When you think of the phrase, “Praise Song,” this one should come to mind instantly.  Israel Houghton & New Breed hit the nail on the head with this song that celebrates our Creator and Heavenly Father.  I’ll leave you with this joyful song that sets your mind straight on the Lord, thanking Him for all He does for us every day of our lives… this is the GOSPEL CLASSIC, “You Are Good.”  Yes He Is!

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