“There’s somethin’ happenin’ here but what it is ain’t exactly clear.  There’s a man with a gun over there tellin’ me I got to beware. It’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s goin’ down.”  That’s a quote from Buffalo Springfield’s ’67 classic, “For What it’s Worth.”  This song could certainly serve as a theme song for the OCCUPY WALLSTREET and all the OCCUPY MOVEMENTS that have sprung up all around the world.  I’m not suggesting this song for today’s movements because it already served it’s time as one of the most popular themes for the Viet Nam and Civil Unrest protests of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Here in America, our system of government has harkened back to the ways of the Medieval Feudal System.  In this system of government, the King ruled all on his land, the land of the country.  He appointed Nobles (Landowners), Knights (Military) and Clergy.  These fortunate classes of people were all wealthy appointees who swore loyalty to the King.  In the case of a conquered land, the Nobles were often sell-outs who’s loyalty to the occupying King was at the expense of their fellow countrymen.  Well, today the KINGS are the filthy rich Corporation Owners and the crooked Lawmakers in Congress (not all of them but far too many) are the Nobles.  The lowest level in this Class System was that of the SerfsAbsent of an appointment by the King, they were all but Slaves who were allowed on the land but they had to work it to the advantage and every whim of the King and his appointees.  They owned nothing, they had no say in anything, were taxed for existing on the King’s land and owed their every loyalty to the King with little in return for their troubles.  This is the system some Conservatives in the U.S. Congress have been pushing the Middle Class toward since the days of Ronald Reagan… and finally the results of this planned strategy are coming into clear view.  It’s called the PRIVATIZATION OF AMERICA.  That’s why they want to bust up all unionsso they can sell the industries to Private Corporations.  Can you say, big-time “kick back?”  Our manufacturing, banks, our financial system (Wall Street), our schools, our penal system, our radio and TV airwaves, our transportation system (remember Reagan’s union busting of the airlines in ’81?) and now our CITIES are all being PRIVATIZED… sold to Private Corporations to run them as they please, without government regulation.  I recall Reagan saying that corporations know how to do the right thing on their own.  I was young then but I remember thinking, “What planet was he President of?”  Remember the arguments for Charter Schools back when and the busting up of Teacher’s Unions?  What did that get us?  How good are our schools today?  Why would we want a bean counter overseeing the education of our children?  The children don’t fit into their bottom line equationPROFITS.  If the jail is paid $50,000 a year to hold a criminal, what is their motivation to rehabilitate that criminal and send him back into society and lose that un-regulated money.  So if they spend $20,000 on each prisoner, they pocket a profit of $30,000 per prisoner.  Whose gonna care, they’re criminals.  They won’t let the expense of rehabilitation ruin their profit margin, so… no rehab… just hold him as long as they can and send him back out there the same way he came in.  If they get him back in their cells in a few months, that’s mo’ money fo’ them.  They can’t lose and we (society) can’t win.  So, here we are… like deer in the headlights… nobody saw this coming?  I know I did and I know I’m not alone but what’s most important right now is that people are finally waking up to take a realistic look at our government.  Ronald Reagan’s theory that if we served the 1% of Wealthy folk in this country, at the expense of the other 99%, their Wealth would “Trickle Down” to those less fortunate.  Well, the truth of the matter is, the wealth didn’t trickle down, the poverty trickled up!  That’s why I’m most proud of the OCCUPY MOVEMENTS.  It takes courage, guts and fortitude to stage the protests that started sprouting up in 2011.  Thank God for the OCCUPY MOVEMENTS.  In this modern world, all good movements need a theme song“We Shall Overcome,” served the 60’s Civil Rights Movement proudly and became synonymous with the struggle for freedom for all AmericansGo Occupiers!!  Keep the Faith!!  Real Americans appreciate what you’re doing for all of us.  I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart (End of Rant).  My appreciation for these True Patriots leads me to suggest a few potential Theme Songs for the OCCUPY MOVEMENT; songs that really speak to the heart of what these brave folk are doing.  My number 1 suggested song has to be the Doobie Brothers’ classic, “Takin’ It To The Streets.”

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Tracy Chapman’s self-titled debut album from 1988 has a perfect theme song for the OCCUPY WALLSTREET MOVEMENT“Talkin’ Bout A Revolution,” has prophetic lyrics:  “While they’re standing in the welfare lines, crying at the doorsteps of those Armies of Salvation, wasting time in the unemployment lines, sittin’ around waiting for a promotion, don’t you know, talkin’ bout a revolution sounds like a whisper.”  These next lyrics describe the beginnings of the fight for the middle class.  I pray these lyrics come to fruition:  “Poor people gonna rise up and get their share.  Poor people gonna rise up and take what’s theirs.  Don’t you know you better run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run; because finally the tables are starting to turn, talkin’ bout a revolution.”  Revolution simply means “change” and we absolutely need some of that before the Greedy, Self-Serving “Haves” run us seemingly defenseless “Have Nots” right into non-existence.  We already have a system in place for change… the ELECTION PROCESS!  Although the Conservatives are trying Obstructionist Methods of thwarting our hard-fought Right To Vote, we have got to VOTE idiots right out of office and let the legislators know that THEY WORK FOR USALL OF US!  It’s truly up to USALL OF US… Black, White, Yellow, Red and Brown.  Stand Up… or continue to be Stepped On.

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Stevie Wonder’s album, Fulfillingness’ First Finale, was released in July of 1974.  In August of ’74, President Richard Nixon resigned from office under pressures created by the Watergate scandal.  Stevie’s song from this album, “You Haven’t Done Nothin’,” was a scathing chastisement of Nixon’s administration as Commander-In-Chief.  This 38 year old song is a perfect fit for our U.S. Congress in 2012.  The obstruction of anything progressive that serves the People of this nation as opposed to the Corporations and their wealthy Lobbyists, is exactly what the Republican Congress is all about.  The Democrats are the kids on the playground who want to do right but they’re so afraid of the Republican Bullies that they just cave on all their ideals and principles, again leaving the People high and dry.  I’m dedicating this song to the entire U.S. Congress and submit it as a SUGGESTED THEME SONG FOR THE OCCUPY WALLSTREET MOVEMENT.  This is, “You Haven’t Done Nothin’.”

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Imagine a New York native soldier just got home from years of fighting in Iraq.  Before going home to his Burrough, he wants to stop off in Manhattan and hear the heartbeat of New York… feel its pulse so he knows he’s really home.  He runs into the OCCUPY WALLSTREET protesters, stops one guy and asks the simple question… “What’s Happening Brother?”  Marvin Gaye released this song 40 years ago and it was really about a soldier returning home from Viet Nam.  Unfortunately, it’s as relevant today as it was then.  Not much has changed on the social front, it’s just become more inclusive.  What Blacks were experiencing back then has trickled up to touch everybody in the Middle Class.  That’s the irony that was evident to knowledgeable Blacks back when… when the country is being sold for a price to greedy corporations who only care about their financial bottom line… the wealth doesn’t trickle down, the poverty trickles up!  Thus making this a perfect theme song, regrettably, for those valiant men and women who are protesting on all of our behalf at OCCUPY MOVEMENTS all across this country.  God bless y’all… each and every one of you!

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