CURRENTLY ON STAGE is meant to bridge the musical gap between Baby Boomers and Generation X, exposing Baby Boomers to the stand-out Gen X performers of today.  Contrary to many Baby Boomer’s belief, there are many great performing artists today.  Yep, I said, “Artists.”  Sure, there are plenty of performers out there who don’t fit this description but that is true for every generation.  We Old Heads feel its worse now than ever but honestly… we haven’t been around forever so if we could go into the WAY BACK MACHINE, we’d likely find folk of every generation making the same claims.  Well, at NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES we choose to take the high road and point out the wonderful contributions and ignore the less-than-shiny stuff.  Ne-Yo wrote hits for other singers like “Irreplaceable” (Beyonce), “Take A Bow” (Rihanna) and “Let Me Love You” (Mario).  Wow!  I’d be set for life financially with just one-tenth of the royalties from either one of those songs.  But Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., has proven to be one of the top performers out today.  We’re going to feature live performances of his hits and even a performance of him doing a cover tune of his musical hero… can you guess who that is?  Welcome to this month’s Generation X featured artist as we present, CURRENTLY ON STAGE… with NE-YO.  

In 2007 my daughter gave me a Ne-Yo CD for my birthday.  My first thought was, “I thought she knew me better than to give me some Hip-Hop record.”  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m Hip enough that I knew about Ne-Yo but thought I was too old to really appreciate him.  Well, my daughter knew me better than I knew myself because she knew I loved Great Music and she knew that’s the kind of music Ne-Yo makes.  This Cat can really sing… no AutoTunes necessary.  I fell in love with the whole album and especially the Jam, “Go On Girl,” off that Because Of You CD.  Check him out in live performance on Yahoo! Live Sets, settin’ it out!

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I haven’t heard it from him personally but it’s pretty clear that Ne-Yo is one of the numerous talented performers influenced by Michael Jackson.  Here he is with David Foster performing Michael’s, “Earth Song.”

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The young, screaming female audience members were having conniption fits every time Ne-Yo came Closer in this next video.  Actually, this was a very appropriate reaction for the live performance of his Hit song, “Closer.”  Dig it!

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In a live performance, you have to hold back on the dancing or your singing will suffer.  And the reaction to artists like Madonna proved that fans don’t like to hear about recording stars lip-synching in their live shows.  But you can tell that Ne-Yo can really work out when he has the opportunity… like on a Music Video.  However, during his next performance on the Lopez Tonight TV Show, he managed to do a lot of dancing in between the singing.  He showed us some of his best Michael Jackson moves.  Dude got skills!  Check him out performing his 2010 hit, “One In A Million.”

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Ne-Yo got off like a Big Dog on his Nissan Live Sets performance of the title track from his second album, “Because Of You.”  Love this song!  Love Ne-Yo’s showmanship!  He’s the Real Deal!

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Way before I knew who Ne-Yo was, I knew the song, “So Sick” from his first album.  I mean, who didn’t hear, “I’m so sick of love songs, so tired of tears, so sick of wishing you were still here…?”  When I learned his name, I thought they were saying, NEAL.  Well, I know who he is now, that’s for sure.  But let’s take it back to front and check Ne-Yo out standing to the mic and just straight-up Sangin’ his first hit at his AOL Music Session performance of, “So Sick.”

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What more can I say about this extremely talented young Singer/Songwriter?  He’s like a Throw Back artist in that he is super polished.  Clearly he doesn’t step in front of an audience without being totally prepared, totally choreographed, totally professional!  He’s got great vocal range and his voice is one of the best out today.  Ashford & Simpson wrote, “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby…” and that’s exactly what Ne-Yo is… THE REAL THING!  I hope you Baby Boomers who thought you were too old for this young Star now realize what you’ve been missing with no Ne-Yo in your lives.  Dig on another Ne-Yo performance at the Nissan Live Sets concert.  Enjoy, “Sexy Love.”  

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Our final featured Ne-Yo song has one of the most unique musical melodies I’ve ever heard.  It sets forth a groove that revs up your motor and would make a wall flower wanna boogie.  And the lyric tells of a woman that he falls for because of her strength of character and self-sufficient capabilities“Something about the kind of woman that wants but don’t need you…”  These lyrics pleased millions of women around the world and endeared them to this song, no doubt.  Lyrics that are respectful to women are not expressed often enough in today’s music so they made this song stand out like an elephant at an ant farm.  We’ll leave you with Ne-Yo’s Music Video of the mega hit, “Miss Independent.”  Peace!

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