Roberta Flack is to be treasured by us all.  She has gifted us with some of the most memorable, most emotional songs in our treasure chest of Music Memories.  It all began with the 1969 release of her debut album, First Take.  This collection set her on pace for unprecedented success from a female Jazz singer in the new era of Jazz Music.  Her masterful rendition of Gene McDaniel’s, “Compared To What,” placed Roberta in our hearts and minds with a gigantic splash.  This woman can play that piano and turn a Jazz Phrase with the best of the best.  She never, ever rushes… she just takes her time and lets the musical emotion ooze out of her instead of forcing it.  Then, upon further inspection of this maiden voyage LP, Roberta unleashed the super smooth CLASSIC, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” and “it was on like popcone!”

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I’m so excited to have found a Video of Roberta Flack singing live with Donny Hathaway.  The Video is a little grainy but I’m sure you’ll overlook that to have a rare glimpse at these two greats… certainly one of the greatest duos ever… doin’ their thang.  Thanks so much to 1720ME for posting this on YOUTUBE.  Check out this song from their Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway album from ’72, “Baby I Love You.”

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Roberta is a great influence on many young female singers… those who take their singing seriously.  You can really hear her influence with one of her prettiest songs.  Everybody and their Momma has covered this song… and why not… it’s only one of the greatest songs ever!  But for me, the best version of this song is the OriginalRoberta Flack’s 1973 rendition of, “Killing Me Softly.”

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After Donny Hathaway’s untimely death in ’79, Roberta took on another occasional Duet partner, Peabo Bryson.  Well, she was working on a couple of Duets with Donny when he fell to his death from that hotel window in New York.  So Peabo stepped in so she could promote those Duets.  It went so well, they went on to record their own Duet albums in ’80 and ’83.  The most successful song from this union is the ’83 smooth JAM, “Tonight I Celebrate My Love.”

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This next song was made famous by Jazz saxophonist, Grover Washington, Jr.  Grover’s all-instrumental version of this song was a huge HIT for him.  Roberta Flack recorded her version of the Ralph MacDonald and William Salter song, with lyrics on her Feel Like Making Love album of ’75.  This is a rare Video of Roberta singing the lyrical version of the great song, “Mr. Magic.”

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Roberta Flack still has IT.  She has recorded some of the most sultry, most emotion-packed songs in the history of music recordings.  Nobody’s SMOOTHER.  Nobody’s voice is PURER.  She is still be cherished by us… let’s not forget her tremendous contributions and accomplishments as a Keyboard Playing Singer.  She has certainly INFLUENCED so many along the way and has always been so giving.  Rumor has it she once allowed a young Patti LaBelle to take her place as Guest Performer on a late night talk show with millions of viewers.  Musically speaking, she’s a PRECIOUS JEWEL that we must always hold dear in that special place in our hearts.  I’ll leave you with Roberta singing her Gene McDaniels’ CLASSIC, “Feel Like Makin’ Love.”  Peace!

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