Man, I miss Luther VandrossLuther had a rare quality of being equally proficient with a ballad and a dance song“You don’t see that everyday, Clancy.”  Because his roots were eclecticDisco, Rock and R&BLuther could sing it all… very well!  Luther was BAD from the start of his career to his untimely death.  He learned quickly the importance of having a great stage performance to go with his unbelievable voice.  And what always impressed me most about Luther was his incredibly slick background vocal arrangementsLuther loved singing background himself so he really stood out as a performer with his unmatched background vocals… they could just take a song somewhere you could never imagine it going.  As Luther once said, “They say seeing is believing…” so let’s check out this handful of YOUTUBE videos that prove without a doubt… NOBODY DID IT BETTER!

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One of the most beautiful songs Luther ever recorded was, “So Amazing.”  In fact, it’s one of the prettiest songs ever recorded by anyone.  It’s simply stated and sang wonderfully.  He’s careful to not over-sing this gorgeous song.  I have a pretty high pitched Tenor voice but my voice is spent after singing one verse of this song.  This song showed me firsthand how high Luther’s range was.  He just made it sound so effortless that you couldn’t tell how high the pitch of this song is.  Dig the variation on the background vocals near the song’s end.  This live performance is indeed, “So Amazing.”

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You weren’t going to sing with Luther Vandross without being a phenomenal entertainer in your own right.  Luther’s background singers were always great singers and they had to put on a stage show that dazzled and wowed the audience.  This contributed greatly to the thoroughly entertaining live concert performances.  He gave them license to show out without fear of being upstaged.  The total staged package was why at one time Luther was able to charge $100 per ticket and fans paid it gladly.  See what I mean with this super charged performance of, “Stop To Love.”

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Before the Epic Records first-released Never Too Much album of ’81, the album that really put Luther on the musical map, he released two albums on Cotillion Records.  The first album in ’76 entitled, Luther, had some gems like the song he wrote for The Wiz, “Everybody Rejoice/Brand New Day” and the DISCO/FUNK slammer, “Funky Music.”  The second album from ‘77, This Close To You, was wall-to-wall JAMS with standouts like “I’m Not Satisfied,” “Don’t Take The Time,” “Come Back To Love” and “This Is For Real.”  This should have been a SMASH HIT album but with very little promotion by Cotillion Records, it fizzled out with little to no fanfare.  He made up for it when he went to Epic Records, setting our ears on fire with HIT after HIT, like this next one.  Enjoy!

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The vast majority of Luther’s songs were written by him and his songwriting partners, Nat Adderly and Marcus Miller, especially early on.  They had a formula of super smooth or super funky… they were ambidextrous in that way.  But here and there Luther would sing someone else’s songs.  This next song has since become the CLASSIC wedding song; it was written by David L. Elliott and Terry Steele.  Check out this live Luther Vandross performance of, “Here And Now.”   The background vocal arrangement… WOW!

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Wanna see Luther pull out all the stops?  I mean, set it out with all his show-stopping vocal tricks?  He throws everything… including the kitchen sink… in on this remarkable interpretation of what became his signature song.  Don’t blink… I mean it… while Luther floors this audience with, “A House Is Not A Home.”  Enjoy!

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Don Cornelius rarely let anybody perform live on Soul Train but in 1982, he allowed Luther Vandross to go for it with his HIT song, “Bad Boy/Having A Party.”  This was fun and Luther didn’t disappoint.  You could tell Luther was in his glory.  This was quite an accomplishment to get Don Cornelius to go against his format of Lip Sync performances.  I’m sure the ratings took a big jump that day because we were all treated to one of the greatest singers of all time performing LIVE on Soul Train.  Check him out.

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Well, did I lie when I said NOBODY DID IT BETTER?  You can never get enough of watching and hearing Luther Vandross do what he did better than most for many, many years.  Of course, I wish he was still here doin’ his thangsinging new songsdazzlin’ me with more unimagined pleasures but God takes those He chooses for His own mysterious reasons.  I accept that… but I still miss Luther!  Man, I really, really miss that Talented Dude.  Thank God we can revisit these and other Video performances from time to time.  I hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane with the one… the only… Luther Vandross.  Seriously… NOBODY DID IT BETTER!  Peace!

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