With all the rightful mourning of the unexpected passing of Whitney Houston, I thought we’d feature her mom, Cissy Houston in this edition of INSPIRATIONAL CORNER to show where Whitney’s incredible singing abilities come from.  Of course, footage of Cissy Houston singing is not easy to find but we scared up three samples of her phenomenal singing to share with you.  All three songs are INSPIRATIONAL and, I hope, will make you feel warm all over.  First up, Cissy appeared with Whitney, BeBe and CeCe Winans, singing her heart out on the old Spiritual, “Peace In The Valley.”

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Cissy Houston had a respectable singing career but Whitney’s eclipsed most, including her mom’s.  But as Whitney burst onto the scene, Cissy seemed content to keep a low profile.  Many didn’t even know Whitney’s mom was an accomplished vocalist and recording artist in her own right.  Cissy’s demonstrated strength in the face of such a devastating loss is INSPIRING in itself.  Check out her command of the whole music scale as she sings the Duke Ellington Spiritual, “Come Sunday.”

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I used to play this song on Detroit Radio back in 1977.  I loved it so because I wasn’t expecting much from a song from the musical, Annie.  I expected the song to be corny since I hadn’t been won over to live theatre yet; now I direct plays for a living… go figure.  Anyway, I gave it a listen because I knew of Cissy Houston from the Sweet Inspirations and from singing the vocals on Herbie Mann’s song, “Cajun Moon.”  My low expectations were met with an incredible sense of INSPIRATION when I heard this song.  It was so hopeful and beautifully sung.  Judge for yourself.  I couldn’t find a live performance but thought it important enough to share with you the Audio Video for this great interpretation of the Broadway song.  Be INSPIRED by Cissy Houston singing, “Tomorrow,” in the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER.  Peace!

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