Sometimes the real attributes of today’s performers fall off the radar of Baby Boomers because we think we’re too old for these young’uns and their “hippity-hoppity” music.  I’m sure in my parent’s day they felt the same way about our Baby Boomer music but I vividly recall my dad opening his mind on a few occasions to love songs like, “Hitch Hike” by Marvin Gaye, “It’s Alright” by the Impressions and “The Way You Do The Things You Do” by the Temptations; he just loved that “Cool Brook… School Book” rhyme.  When we close our minds like this, we miss out on the offerings of some incredibly gifted young performers.  That’s the purpose of this monthly article, to show by examples how superior artists are still being born every day.  Sure, there are many successful artists out today that I might never do an article on because they just don’t pass the sniff test for me; it’s just a personal opinion thang based on my personal tastes.  However, since I’m your personal guide into this article, I’m hopeful that my tastes are a reflection of the majority opinion… once you’ve sampled the servings.  I want there to be new discoveries so you have to come to this buffet table with an open mind and a hankering for expanding your music experiences.  With that being said, I believe few Baby Boomers know the depths of Melanie Fiona’s talents.  Sure, you heard some of her songs but this young singer is a true artist… no fluff here.  That’s why NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES is proudly presenting CURRENTLY ON STAGE… with MELANIE FIONA.

Melanie’s biggest song comes from her debut CD, The Bridge from 2009.  Yep, she’s that new.  This song reached # 1 on the U.S. R&B charts.  This is a live acoustic performance of the song that put her on the map for most of us, “It Kills Me.”

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She was born Melanie Fiona Hallim and was raised in Toronto, Canada to Guyanese parents.  That’s probably why her music has a world-wide flavor and appeal.  This point of fact is exemplified in this next song whose track is a sample of the late 60’s Pop/Rock classic, “Time Of The Season,” by the British band, the Zombies.  Check out, “Give It To Me Right.”

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Melanie Fiona has all the ingredients of today’s “packaged performers;” she’s very attractive, curvy and has an appealing persona.  She has a major flaw that boots her out of the “packaged performer” category however… she can really, truly sing.  Enjoy this official music video for a song she co-wrote; it’s the 4th JAM released on her first CD, The Bridge… this is, “Ay Yo.”

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Melanie’s second CD is slated to be released this month.  She has released two singles from the collection a year in advance of the CD being released; “Gone And Never Coming Back” and our next song.  She’s accomplished much for someone with only one CD released.  It’s been a busy 3 years for this gifted young performer and the pace will pick up steadier as she promotes the release of CD # 2, MF Life.  Enjoy this beautifully sad song, “4 AM.”

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Melanie really knows how to put emotion into a song.  It seems so simple but trust me, far too many performers don’t know how to sincerely interpret a song.  It’s like they don’t hear the words coming out of their own mouths.  But Ms. Fiona does.  She put her whole body weight into this emotional JAM that she co-wrote with singer, Andrea Martin, this is “Gone And Never Coming Back.”

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In 2010, John Legend released an ambitious joint project with The Roots entitled, Wake Up.  One of the more exposed tracks from this collection was the re-make of the Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes classic, “Wake Up Everybody.”  Melanie Fiona and Common were featured on this song.  This is the song that introduced a lot of Baby Boomers to Melanie… I know it was for me.  I had heard “It Kills Me” on radio a lot but you know radio today… I had no clue who was singing that song.  “Wake Up Everybody,” put her on my radar and she has stayed there ever since.  Check her, Common and John Legend out doin’ their thang on, “Wake Up Everybody.”

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I hope by now you agree that Melanie Fiona is a singer/songwriter who deserves a very long and lustrous career.  She has no need to hide behind the music, her voice is trueher abilities are boundlessher future is bright.  She’s quite comfy on the world stage and that’s good because she is popular everywhere.  This next song reached # 46 in Germany, # 11 in Sweden and #1 in Switzerland while not even charting in the U.S. or her homeland, Canada.  It was likely not even released as a single here and Canada but somehow caught the fancy of the Europeans.  It’s a riot watching a Swiss Marching Band… that wasn’t marching… pump out this song and jam it!  You had to be there on YOUTUBE.  I’m gonna leave you with Melanie Fiona singing her heart out on, “Monday Morning.”  Thanks for spending time with us getting to know Melanie better on the Video Stage.  ‘Til next time… Peace!

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