Welcome back to the LISTENING LOUNGE.  This edition is featuring JAZZY SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.  Some of the Funkiest and Prettiest songs ever made have been Jazz songs… often without any lyrics, just instruments slammin’ together to make the most beautiful noise you ever heard.  This time, we’re gonna take you on a journey to JAZZLAND where everything is so Fresh and so Clean… where Fun is the operative word and mind elevation “ain’t nothin’ but a thang!”  Enjoy yourself!  Some of you Old Heads, like me, will get your memories refreshed, your goose bumps retooled and your frown face-lifted to that smile you had back in your young, carefree days before mortgages and life insurance policies.  Let’s go back… back to a time before FUN was replaced with FINANCIAL WOES… to a time when “Gettin’ Down” didn’t involve a concern with how you were gonna get back up.  These are song we should still hear but mostly don’t.  These are but a handful of the JAZZY SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.

Organist, Lonnie Smith, not to be confused with keyboardist, Lonnie Liston Smith, came out with this mannish Jazz song that, albeit playful, was straight up phenomenal musicianshipLonnie Smith was a musician’s musician and this suggestive song left a lot to the imagination but if you had an over-active imagination like mine, I’m sure you got the grown up joke.  I imagine this song was born out of musicians clowning around in rehearsal and the crazy suggestive lyrics just stuck… and a JAM was born.  Dig up on Lonnie Smith’s 1969 JAM, “Move Your Hand.”

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In 1974, Lonnie Liston Smith, not to be confused with organist, Lonnie Smith, asked us to expand our minds “To understand we all must live in peace.”  It doesn’t get more positive than that.  Lonnie Liston Smith’s song really sent this R&B boy into a Jazzy stratosphere that expanded my mind to other forms of music.  In addition to being a Radio DJ in ’74, I also spun records at DISCO parties… you know, that college tuition had to get paid some kinda way.  Anyway, the cool thing about driving Jazz jams like most of our selected Jazz songs in this month’s LISTENING LOUNGE, the party people would dance to it all night long, right along with a choice selection of Funk tunesLonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes’, “Expansions,” was one big can of Jazzy Funk… or Funky Jazz… either way, this song had the dance floors rockin’!

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I think I loved saying the title of this song as much as I loved the music.  “Losalamolitos (Latin Fun Love Song).”  Gene Harris struck a loving chord when he put this incredible music to wax.  I loved it back then and still can’t hear it enough today… that is, if it were getting the airplay it so rightly deserves.  Check it out.

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This Jazz Organist co-wrote “Sexual Healing” with Marvin Gaye.  His group, Odell Brown & the Organizers put out 3 albums in the 60’s on Cadet Records.  This was my favorite song by the Organizers because I was absolutely partial to the Temptations who released the vocal version of this song in the same year, 1967.  The song was written by Smokey Robinson and two members of the Miracles, Pete Moore and Bobby Rogers.  Dig up on Odell Brown and the Organizers doin’, “No More Water In The Well.”

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For a moment in time, Bobbi Humphrey was all the rage in Jazz and R&B circles… at least in Detroit.  They played Bobbi Humphrey regularly on our Jazz radio station, WJZZ and we played her on the R&B station, WJLB.  I loved sharing this next song with my radio audience; it was so funky… it was so full of lifeInstrumentation with the leading instrument being a flute was not an every day occurrence.  Sure, there is Hubert Laws and Detroit’s own Althea Renee and Alexander Zonjic… all incredible musicians but still a rarity.  Bobbi Humphrey set the music world on its ear with cuts like this one… enjoy “Harlem River Drive” and let it take you back to a time when Bobbi was Queen.

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Man, oh man this song used to rock the parties on Wayne State University’s campus.  I used to spin the records for the Fraternities, Sororities and student organizations in the Grille (basement of the Student Activities building).  A friend said to me once, “Reuben’s giving a party so tuition must be almost due.”  He ain’t never lied!  I paid my tuition from the money I made off those parties.  Some kids had well-to-do parents… I had my parties.  Anyway, back to Raul DeSouza.  When this song came on, the dance floor would be packed.  Nobody cared that this was actually a Jazz song, it was as Funky and Rockin’ as any other record I had in my “Peaches Records” crate of music (Detroit area reference).  Raul… my man… he always kept the party poppin’ with his song, “Sweet Lucy.”  Peace!

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