Even though Detroit has been searching for that world dominance of the music scene that we haven’t had since the departure of Motown to the West Coast, we still put it all the way down here.  The TALENT never left Detroit, the OUTLET did.  Motown and Golden World Records and countless other small labels like Aquarius Records in Highland Park, provided a major OUTLET for singers, writers, musicians, producers and arrangers.  Without the OUTLET, the place to cultivate and nurture and present the TALENT, it’s infinitely harder to get the local, let alone global, EXPOSURE needed to sustain a musical career.  However… though it may be infinitely harder, it’s being done and has been done consistently lo these many years.  What happens is, eventually the TALENT leaves for greener pastures in towns like Atlanta or L.A., where the music business is more vibrant and it’s easier to catch that break that can make you a household name.  Once that artist makes it on foreign soil (anywhere other than Detroit), they tend to be tied to that community.  It takes the artists themselves to claim their hometown; some do… some don’t… but most Detroiters do.  Don’t get it twisted, Homemade Bread, we still gets down in Mo… I mean, Detroit!  Below is a random sampling of just a handful of our shiny artists.  I won’t do my usual commentary per Video Clip, I’ll let their TALENT speak for itself.  Remember, this is just a sprinkling of what Detroit still offers to the world.  Check them out and see how the MOTOR TOWN STILL GETS DOWN!

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There are many more Detroit Go-Getters like Anita Baker, Black Bottom Collective, Aretha Franklin, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Big Sean, Amen Ra Drummers & Dancers, Mitch Ryder, Kid Rock, Fred Hammond, The Clark Sisters, Eminem, Marvin Winans, BeBe & CeCe Winans, J. Moss, Deitrick Haddon and on and on and on…