Can you believe Gerald Levert’s been gone for 6 years?  His flame was extinguished at the age of 40 in 2006 but who on this planet could ever, ever forget Gerald Levert?  This super talented young man had a throw-back soul when it came to singing and performing.  He was THE BOMB FROM DAY ONE!  Why not, he learned from his dad, Eddie Levert of the O’Jays.  But Gerald, his younger brother Sean and good friend Marc Gordon made up the group, LevertGerald was a standout from the onset and he went on to do lots of solo guest appearances on TV including tons of Music Tributes and Award Shows.  Gerald’s musical soul was way beyond his chronological years.  The group, Levert, burst onto the scene like gangbusters.  Dig on the first song I ever heard by Levert and young, more slender Gerald.  This is the great throwback-sounding song, “Pop Goes My Mind.”

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Levert seemed to set out to become the modern day O’Jays.  They were on a fast track to accomplishing this feat, too.  Their roll was slowed by the demand for Gerald, the standout.  Wonderful performance opportunities pulled him every which-a-way.  Levert kept on releasing albums until 1997.  By then, Gerald had put out 2 solo albums, an album with his dad, Eddie Levert and the LSG project with Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill.  Here’s a clip of Levert performing on Soul Train.  Dig up on their slickly choreographed dance moves and tell me they weren’t picking up where the O’Jays left off.  All three guys got down on the moving tip.  The dances of that day were almost flying in the air but Levert was right on top of the game when it came to cuttin’ a rug.  Check ‘em out Lip Syncing to “Fascination.”

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In 1997 Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill formed the Super Group, LSG.  They released 2 albums, the first being Levert Sweat Gill which sold over two million copies and soared to #1 on the R&B charts.  We’re gonna share with you a live performance of the biggest hit from this collection… “My Body.”  Check it out.

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Nobody interpreted a song like Gerald Levert… well, except his daddy, Eddie LevertGerald, a chip off the ol’ block, could send chills down your spine with every single ballad he ever sang.  He just knew how to tell a story set to music.  No wonder he became the Go-To guy when it came to Music Tributes for our Iconic music pioneers and performers.  The producers came to know that Gerald Levert could take that honoree’s song, with them sitting there, and make even the honoree give him a standing ovation.  That’s hard to do because most great performers are extremely hard to impress.  It’s like showing Michael Jordan some basketball moves… the man who could do everything you could possibly do with a basketball and a rim.  These Icons are just hard to impress but Gerald always got them to their feet and you could see that they were sincerely floored by his interpretations of their classic songs.  We already did the story of Gerald performing at the Tribute Shows in a prior NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES article so we’ll refer you back to that article to see him get down on other people’s classics.  Just click on the Site Map to find the other Gerald Levert article.  I wanna show you one of his own classics… nobody did it better.  This is a live performance of “Mr. Too Damn Good.”

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Gerald and Eddie Levert, Father & Son, teaming up for a couple of albums was a music lover’s dream come true.  I mean, Wow!  It was as if every music gene that Eddie had in his body was transferred to Gerald.  Seeing them perform together… I mean… I’m running out of adjectives with enough weight to express how good it made me feel to experience these two dynamic singers making music together.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Has there ever been another father & son duet?  If so, has there ever been one with a song as RED HOT as “Baby Hold On To Me?”  You tell me.

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Gerald… what a talented young singer… what an unmatched performer… what a shame he’s no longer here to make us feel our best.  Watching Gerald Levert perform was like watching David Blaine’s street magic; remember how remarkable that was when he first hit the scene?  It’s like watching Serena Williams or Tiger Woods at their peaks.  He was in a class all by himself.  Sean and Mark were great, too but GeraldLevert was… without a doubt… THE BOMB FROM DAY ONE!

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