You reach a certain age and think about where you are in your life, in your finances, in your relationships… and far too often the thought is, “Wow!  I never imagined I’d be here.  For far too many, thanks to divorce or the economy, we have digressed to be worse off than we were when we were younger and making our way.  Thanks a lot George W. and the Republican Party systemic mission, at least since Ronald Reagan, to make life financially divine for a chosen few at the expense of the vast majority of this country’s hard-working citizens.  It was so commonly known that the American system was being realigned to seriously benefit the wealthy in the 80’s, we saw an influx of Blacks jumping ship and joining the Republican Party… remember that?  Well, look where that selfish Conservative strategy has gotten us!  And the amnesia that conservative-minded Americans have, regarding how we got here and how de-regulation/privatization is the catalyst, when the President happens to be an African American, boggles the mind.  So more than ever, we need encouragement, we need a thread of hope, we need to be INSPIRED, we need to VOTE in November.

The Audio-Video songs selected for this month’s INSPIRATIONAL CORNER should bring us that needed ENCOURAGEMENT.  Let’s start off with a classic Gospel gem that urges us to not give up when things get tough… keep the faith because Help is on the way.  This beautiful song is led by Deborah Barnes… this is Luther Barnes & the Red Budd Gospel Choir singing, “I’m Still Holding On.”  Enjoy and be INSPIRED.

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DJ Rogers is still a well kept secret in most circles, amazingly.  This uniquely gifted singer… one of my favorite singers… has so many songs of ENCOURAGEMENT.  Even before he went Gospel, his songs were mini-sermons about love and life.  The song we elected to share with you in this time of need speaks to the fact that you cannot put a price tag on all the golden moments that life brings.  Money can’t buy everything.  Some of the richest people on the planet are the saddestLOVE is the Conqueror of our woes… coincidentally, JESUS is LOVE!  If you’ve never heard this song before, you’re in for a treat!  Check out DJ Rogers singing, “No Price.”

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I can’t help but to give you a DOUBLE DIP of DJ Rogers.  I want to leave you in an UPLIFTED state of mind and I’m calling on DeWayne Julius (DJ) Rogers to meet the need.  This POSITIVE song tells us to wait on the best possible outcome in life… “Hold Out For Love.”  Be HOPEFUL, be ENCOURAGED and thank you for taking the time to visit the INSPIRATIONAL CORNER.

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