THIS FROM THAT is the article that uncovers the musical origins of Sampled music or re-made Cover songs.  This month’s article will be a surprise to most Parliament-Funkadelic fans who thought Funkadelic was the first to release the song, “I’ll Bet You,” on their debut self-titled Funkadelic album in 1970.  Sure, you’re saying how could anyone else have released this song first when George Clinton wrote this song?  Well, you’re not alone.  As I was researching for this month’s NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES article on Golden World Records, I came across the originally released recording of “I’ll Bet You.”  You know how you can read songwriting credits of a song and easily forget the names of the writers you don’t know and subconsciously only credit the writer whose name you recognize?  Well, George Clinton wrote the song, “I’ll Bet You” with Sidney Barnes and Theresa LindseySidney Barnes is most known for his Co-Lead Singing duties with Minnie Riperton in the 60’s Pop Group, Rotary Connection (’67-’71).  Sidney and George Clinton had a Songwriting/Producing team deal with Golden World Records in Detroit at the time this song was created.  Theresa Lindsey was a beautifully-voiced singer for Golden World who came to George and Sidney to come up with a song for her to release in 1966.  Theresa was quoted as saying that Ed Wingate, owner of Motown’s rival company, Golden World Records, wanted a song with a nice hook so she borrowed a hook from Detroit Radio personality, Martha Jean The QueenMartha Jean’s catch phrase on radio was, “I’ll Bet’cha.”  This phrase inspired Theresa to come up with lyrics like, “Ice cubes on a red hot stove will melt, I’ll bet you.”

So when George Clinton recorded, “I’ll Bet You,” with Parliament’s band-turned Recording Artists, Funkadelic, he was doing a Cover of the song he co-wrote with the singer of the original version, Theresa Lindsey.  Enjoy this side-by-side comparison of the Funkdadelic’s Psychedelic Funk slammer (THIS) to Theresa’s originally-intended sweeter, upbeat Love Song (THAT).  Theresa is featured below in a more recent music video of, “I’ll Bet You,” produced by Ian LevineIan is a British singer/songwriter who has been instrumental in the preservation and archiving of lost or forgotten TV and Music recordings.  Enjoy!

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