Incognito is so incredible, I decided to feature audio versions of their recordings every other song in this month’s installment of the LISTENING LOUNGE.  Even though Incognito have blessed our eardrums with superlative sans voices cuts themselves, for this exercise, I chose to present, for your listening pleasure, Incognito vocals to compliment the selected alternate instrumental slammers to create a deliciously layered Jazz Sandwich.  Check out the JAZZY SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN in the LISTENING LOUNGE.

Joy Malcolm and Pamela Anderson shocked me by successfully replacing the formidable Maysa Leak as the voices of Incognito on the 1995 album, 100 and Rising.  At the same time, I was happy that Incognito would go forth as the music force leader, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, had shaped them to be.  When Maysa’s solo efforts succeeded too, the whole world was revolving in peace, love and harmony for me.  Everybody won in this risky split, especially us music fans.  Check out Joy and Pamela front and center in this Incognito JAM, “I Hear Your Name.”

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“Lasana’s Priestess” was one of the songs that won me over to JAZZ as a youngster.  I was R&B to the bone but certain 70’s songs inspired me search for them on Detroit’s legendary Jazz radio station, WJZZ.  Of course, once I got to WJZZ, I found lots of other stuff that I loved and eventually expanded my mind to accept JAZZ as the great and diverse music it has always been.  Donald Byrd put his musical foot in this cut, jammin’ it from top to bottom.  I don’t know if there is a real Lasana’s Priestess but I do know that this track is the absolute bomb!  Do it Cass Tech alum… Go Donald… Go Donald…. etc, etc, etc.

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Incognito has a revolving door of phenomenal lead vocalists and Maysa is at the top of their list; she’s the one who helped put them on the map of popularity.  The intoxicating, sultry delivery that she presents on some interpretations is matchless.  Case in point, what Maysa does with this JAM.  This is Incognito’s, “A Shade Of Blue.”

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I can’t remember the last time I heard this beautiful song on the radio but I can remember when I first heard it.  Ma-a-a-a-an!  This song jumped into my soul and stayed there… for life.  It’s capable of moving me to tears if I listen to it intently and loudly enough.  Let John Klemmer move you like he moves me whenever I hear, “Touch.”

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This JAM introduced me to the fun side of Incognito.  I was already a big fan of Stevie Wonder’s original version but Incognito put a JAZZY spin on this funky little ditty with their horns-a-blarin’ to audience’s delight.  They also proved to me that they could approach and swallow whole any style of music into their music mixing machine and pour out a wonderfully puréed  blend that can only be described as Incredibly Incognito!  Dig on this super group’s delivery of, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing.”

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I know you have songs in your soul that just make you feel good when you hear them.  That’s what this song does to me… it plain and simply makes me feel really, really good.  It takes me on a drop-top ride through the countryside in the midst of a hot summer day.  Take the ride with me.  This is Neil Larsen with, “This Time Tomorrow.”

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This title track has always been underplayed on radio.  Sure, it’s on the same album with the smash, “Spellbound And Speechless;” what a classic.  However, “100 And Rising” is one of Incognito’s bestest in da’ westest of songs.  No matter the JAM, Incognito should be played more on the radio than they are.  They don’t need airplay to sell out an arena but active airplay has never hurt anybody’s record sales and recording careers.  Thank God Incognito has proven staying power… probably because of their amazing musicianship and songwriting skills.  Here’s a great example of Incognito’s talent and… dare I say… Bluey’s creative genius.  Enjoy, “100 And Rising.”

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Alas, I dream of a day when we have a radio station in Detroit that actually plays more than 4 or 5 recording artists and go beyond the Top 20 songs they play over and over and over and over.  There is a 40 year catalogue of cross-genre classics and album cuts and yet our Detroit radio stations play the same ol’ songs to an agitating degree of nausea.  Well, take this Detroit radio!  Take this undeniably classic straight up JAZZ JAM by the late, great trumpeter, Lee Morgan.  You won’t hear this on our local stations anytime soon but we have it here for you in the LISTENING LOUNGE.  Here is yet another JAZZY SONG RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.  Enjoy Lee Morgan and the Jam of all Jams, “The Sidewinder.”  Enjoy!

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