Ahhhhh, the joy of seeing your favorite recording stars perform live… usually lip synching on TV. It was really a thrill back in the day to see the nation’s biggest acts on your local dance show or on nationally televised shows like Soul Train, Bandstand, Shindig, Hullabaloo, Video Soul, MTV.  These were more innocent times, technologically and socially.  We didn’t have as many electronic options to TV so it meant so much more than it does today.  There was no YOUTUBE or NETFLIX to go to and see music videos, TV shows and movies anytime we feel like it.  You couldn’t download your JAM for a dollar without ever leaving the house.  Yes, these are the Back-In-The-Day CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCES that you probably haven’t seen in a hot minute but will remember forever.

1984 was a good year for singer/songwriter, Eugene Wilde.  A #1 Hit song will make anybody’s year.  This song was big and I assumed that Eugene Wilde would be making hits ‘til he was using a walker… I would’ve sworn he’d still be going strong; he’s only 51 now.  He treated us to another JAM in ’85, “Don’t Say No Tonight,” and slowly faded away to the background, writing songs for other artists like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys.  He released 5 albums, believe it or not in ’84, ’85, ’89, ’92 and just put out one in 2011.  It’s good to see this smooth-voiced balladeer is still around.  Let’s check out his CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE on Great Britain’s Top Of The Pops music TV show back in the days of his first Hit record… this is Eugene Wilde, “Gotta Get You Home Tonight.”

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This 80’s Techno-Pop Duo was made up of Mic Murphy on vocals and guitar and David Frank on keyboards.  David played keys and Mic was the Road Manager for the 70’s Disco Band, Kleer.  They spun off from that group to become a performance group and made history with two really big Hits; “You Are In My System” and “Don’t Disturb This Groove.”  I found this rare video clip of a TV performance by this Dynamic Duo… check ‘em out.  This is The System performing, “Don’t Disturb This Groove.”

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What can you say about Earth Wind & Fire, one of the greatest bands ever assembled, no matter the music style.  I picked this clip because it features an entirely energetic Maurice White in 1990.  I want this clip to remind us of what a showman Maurice was.  This whole band is his concept… he’s the driving force behind the Elements of the Universe.  I always loved the fact that he and Phillip Bailey had incredible singing voices for Front Men of a band.  Well, Maurice no longer tours and has a chronic illness but… here’s to better times!  This is a videotaped concert performance in Japan, presented on DVD.  It’s shot with multiple cameras, TV style.  That’s close enough to fit our format of CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCES.  Dig up on our beloved Maurice White and Earth Wind & Fire tearing the roof off with, “September.”

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Sometimes, these old clips can bring lots of grins.  You know… dated outfitswild hairdos… stuff like that.  This may be an overseas TV show back in the day but what’s funny to me is how far apart Diana is from Florence and Mary.  The TV show would have set the stage and maybe they did some other songs that had dancers bouncing through… I don’t know… just tryin’ to give them the benefit of the doubt but you could drive a Mack Truck between them.  That’s a lot of unnecessary space between them.  And I forgot how thin Diana was back then.  I wasn’t a teenager in 1964 but in my teen years I was as thin as she is so I’m not one to talk but this clip reminds me why I had a little boy crush on Florence; she was Va-Va-Voom!  In spite of my crazy observations, it’s good to see the Supremes in front of the cameras doing their CLASSIC thang to, “Baby Love.”  Enjoy!

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1961 was that special time when Black music was transitioning from Doo Wop and Frank Sinatra-like standards into a new style, SOUL.  This was a time when you couldn’t necessarily tell the ethnicity of the singer by the sound; Whites were writing a lot of these Black artists’ Pop songsDee Clark singing “Raindrops” could’ve passed for White and Ray Orbison singing, “Crying,” could’ve passed for Black.  This was a time when a Pat Boone could take a rollicking Early-Rock Little Richard song, “Tutti Frutti,” water it down to beat-less Wonder Bread and sell it big time to White teens whose parents were terrified by the originator’s rambunctiousness… a time when Black singers and musicians were putting exclusively White faces on their album covers in attempts to cross-over; possibly the only way White parents would allow that Black artist’s record into their home.  We were transitioning from flat-footed 50’s Black Pop groups like the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots to more feisty Pop by groups like the Coasters to Chuck Berry Rock & Roll and the incubation of the soon-to-be defined Soul Music by singers like Smokey Robinson and his Miracles.  What a time in music history.  A time of Civil Rights tumolt that some would call “the good ol’ days.”  To quote Black pioneer Standup Comic,  Moms Mabley, “What good ol’ days?  I was there… where was they at?”  Still, out of that very interesting era came some phenomenal, timeless classics like this one by Ben E. King.  Dig this TV performance of one of the most famous songs… most crossed-over song ever… a song loved by all races… heck, they even named a movie after this JAM… this is “Stand By Me.”  I love Ben E. King’s fancy dance moves for the time… I believe this was the Jerk he was doing.  Check it out.

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Louis Armstrong… the King.  Nobody did it better.  He’s credited as the inventor of modern JAZZ.  He could play that trumpet/coronet like nobody’s business… especially since he was playing it in a brand new way in his time.  He took JAZZ to new heights but he could also slow it down and sing.  Somehow, with the gravelliest, most unintelligible voice you’ve ever heard, he made you love to hear him sing.  He struck a chord in everyone’s heart when he offered up this song.  We’re grateful to “sanny6667” for posting this one on YOUTUBE.  This is Louis Armstrong in a CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE of, “What A Wonderful World.”  Enjoy one of the greatest who ever entertained.

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Alright, let’s bring it more up to date.  The combination of Janet Jackson’s superb performance ability and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ amazing writing and producing skills, brought us some incredible music for years.  Janet was the top performer you could ever hope to get to perform at a music award show and in 1990, she did not disappoint.  This is Janet Jackson at the American Music Awards singing, “Escapade.”

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Whose dance moves were more energetic, athletic, precise and down-right smooth like New Edition’s?  Answer?  Nobody’s!  I say that with all due respect to the Temptations’ and the Jackson 5.  These dudes could flat out performCAN perform, after all, they are still out there doin’ their thang.  But I want to take you to a special moment when they stepped on the Apollo Theatre stage and proceeded to tear it up.  Johnny, Ronnie, Ricky, Mike and Ralph, who set out as kids to be the new Jackson 5 (Bobby was there instead of Johnny, of course), did pretty doggone good for themselves.  Here is New Edition with our final CLASSIC TV PERFORMANCE, “If It Isn’t Love.”  Peace!

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