First off, this article is not written to, in any way, further de-fame our subjects.  Truly my heart goes out to anyone who makes a mistake that could have dire consequences for himself or another.  I feel sorry for all injured parties, which includes that human being who suffers from a self-inflicted wound that resulted from a few seconds of erroneous behavior.  A few seconds that could possibly destroy what they spent their lifetime building up.  Who can’t feel that?  Who doesn’t pray they never find themselves or their offspring in a situation like this?  I don’t approve of anyone doing anything wrong to someone else but, being someone who has also made mistakes in my life, I can’t help but feel sorry for the results of such missteps in judgment… be they career bending or career ending.  So let’s reflect on a happier time when all seemed well and they were sharing their God-given talents with us Music Lovers around the world… BEFORE THEY BECAME BAD BOYS.

Before Chris Brown domestically abused his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, he was featured on this incredible Pop song with American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks.  Here’s, “No Air.”

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Before K-Ci & JoJo (of Jodeci) were abusing substances so badly that JoJo literally passed out on stage in the middle of performing, they gifted their fans with the hugely popular, “All My Life.”  By the way, this just happened to be the song they were singing in Sydney when the ill fated event sadly occurred.

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Before the rumors of R Kelly’s sexual escapades with under-aged girls and the subsequent indictment, he released this extremely popular song, “Your Body’s Calling.”

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Before Dru Hill imploded from the singing group’s in-fighting and spotlight envy, the Hit Makers from Baltimore put out this Jam, “5 Steps.”

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Before Nelly put out his ridiculously profane and exploitative X-Rated video and lost the respect of a lot of music lovers, young and old, he featured Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child on this cute ditty, “Dillemma.”

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Before Ja Rule’s beef with 50 Cent that virtually destroyed his Hit-Making career, he was featured on this Mary J. Blige song, “Rainy Dayz.”  Frankly, I’ll never understand how 50 Cent dissin’ Ja Rule could persuade a whole generation of music buyers to fall away from someone they were eating up with a spoon just before the dissin’ started.  I like who I like because I like them, not because somebody else likes them.  I don’t dig on Recording Artists for their fighting skills or even their dissin’ skills.  I want to believe I would’ve felt the same way as a kid… but who knows?  Here’s Ja Rule and Mary J. Blige with “Rainy Dayz.”

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Before Bobby Brown’s multiple incarcerations and widely publicized substance abuse, he left New Edition, went solo and released a string of Hits, including this song that was composed by the songwriting team of Babyface Edmonds, LA Reid and Darryl Simmons.  I’ll leave you with, “Don’t Be Cruel.”  Yep, I’d rather remember these CATS, these BAD BOYS as Artists, not trouble makers.  If these young performers would only learn that acting out the irresponsible lifestyle of a celebrity can… and usually does… catch up to you… and you never really appreciate prosperity and fame… until it’s deceased.  Peace!

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