I love my White brothers and sisters throughout history like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt, Joss Stone, Pistol Pete Maravich and Michael McDonald because, by their God-given abilities and chosen actions, they put racists and bigots in their places.  How?  Well, you see people of all races and persuasions come together around beautiful people such as these.  Pistol Pete was perfectly comfortable playing with or against an all Black basketball team and a theatre packed with Blacks would appreciate Bonnie Raitt’s soulful singing and guitar playing.  It’s equally as heartwarming to see Darius Rucker (formerly of Hootie & the Blowfish), a Black singer, being totally accepted performing at an all-White Country Music event.  We hear a lot about the negative sides to entertainment and professional sports but what I L-O-O-OVE is that acceptance in these arenas, especially amongst peers, is based on one’s talent, not their colorMichael McDonald is in this wonderful fraternity.  Blue-eyed soul?  Nope!  Not when it comes to Michael McDonald.  He needs no label, just adjectives like Great and Amazing.  Whatever color his eyes are have no bearing on this guy’s innate ability to sing and play soulfully.  Soul oozes out of Michael McDonald and just listening to him sing has always brought me joy and high spiritsMichael was born in St. Louis, Missouri and got his first big break singing background and playing keyboards in the studio with Steely DanSteely Dan’s founders, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, stayed in the studio more than they toured but Michael did go out with them on their final tour of the 70’s.  He stumbled into the Doobie Brothers band when the lead singer was ill and he was hired to fill in for him.  He so impressed the group that he was brought on as a permanent member.  The Doobie Brothers hits ensued with his incredible songwriting contribution and super smooth singing style, a vast difference from the Doobie’s original sound.  He wrote, “What A Fool Believes,” with Kenny Loggins for the Doobie Brothers and it went on to win the Grammy’s Song of the Year for 1980.  Michael’s solo career came next and the famous duets came to pass; classics like, “On My Own” with Patti LaBelle, “Yah Mo B There” with James Ingram, “Ever Changing Times” with Aretha Franklin and “Love Has No Color” with the Winans, to name a few.   In ’03, ’04 and ’08 McDonald re-introduced himself to the masses by releasing the wildly popular albums of cover songs, showing off his incredible interpretations of Classic Soul Songs like only he could do it.  His Motown album went platinum thanks to re-makes of songs like, “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing,” “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.”  He’s a true musician whose voice blends perfectly with anybody’s.  He can sing anything from Rock to Pop to Rhythm & Blues to GospelMichael’s uniquely impeccable voice and vocal versatility is why he is so requested to sing on numerous songs by other famous singers over the years like Christopher Cross, Chaka Khan, Toto and Kenny Loggins.  For the same reasons, we chose to feature this Baritone balladeer’s performances with a handful of the super talented folk he performed with or for down through the years.  We found some great YOUTUBE samples of this guy’s greatness.  Don’t let the shy demeanor fool you; once he closes his eyes and sings into the mic, that persona goes completely away.  I know you’re gonna enjoy this musical visit with MICHAEL McDONALD & FRIENDS.  Peace!

Featuring Ashford & Simpson on background vocals

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With the Doobie Bros.

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With Billy Preston

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With Kenny Loggins

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With the Doobie Brothers


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With the Winans

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On the Arsenio Hall Show

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With Ashford & Simpson

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With Take 6

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