This sampling generation of producers have coined a new musical phrase; INTERPOLATION.  That’s the act of introducing something additional between other things or parts; to interject.  In other words, when a SAMPLED track has other things added to it, it becomes an INTERPOLATION, versus a straight up reintroduction of a previously recorded track.  In this month’s THIS FROM THAT article, you can hear additional music played over the dominant SAMPLE but the original track is so prominent, it’s almost all you hear without focusing intently.  Our side-by-side comparison is the 1996 Tupac Shakur release, “California Love” (THIS), which features a music track derived from the sizzling hot Joe Cocker song from his self-titled album from late 1972, “Woman To Woman” (THAT).

Fresh out of jail, Tupac seemed anxious to get his backlog of music out of his system by releasing a double CD of 27 tracks entitled, All Eyez On Me.  It was his first album for Death Row Records and the last release before his senseless killing.  “California Love” featured co-rapper Dr. Dre (he also produced this cut) and Roger Troutman on the Talk Box.  Joe Cocker’s “Woman To Woman” sample is the musical driving force of this song.  In our comparison, let’s first check out Tupac’s, “California Love.”  If you’ve been stumped for years about the origin of that music, this article will resolve it for you.

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 Soulful British singer, Joe Cocker wrote, “Woman To Woman,” along with Chris Stainton and released it on his third studio album in 1972.  Some R&B lovers may know John Belushi’s Saturday Night Live impersonation of Joe Cocker better than they know Joe himself.  When Joe sings he moves his arms and hands in an involuntary looking spastic, convulsive kinda way; I have never heard a biological explanation for this other than that’s just how he sings.  Singing looks excruciatingly painful to Joe Cocker but the results are one gravelly-voiced classic performance after another.  Joe Cocker has had lots of hits like his cover of the Beatles’, “With A Little Help From My Friends” (theme song for the hit TV show, Wonder Years), “Up Where We Belong” from the movie, Officer and a Gentleman, “Feeling Alright” (covered by the Jackson 5), the Billy Preston song, “You Are So Beautiful,” his cover of Ray Charles’ song, “Unchain My Heart” and his cover of Procol Harum’s rock classic, “Whiter Shade of Pale.” But the Joe Cocker song that crossed over to get airplay on R&B radio was this JAM, the one whose music track gave birth to Tupac’s, “California Love.”  This is Joe Cocker’s “Woman To Woman,” wrapping up our side-by-side comparison of the origins of SAMPLED music, THIS FROM THAT.

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