Issac Hayes has so many JAMS, we couldn’t fit them all in this month’s edition of LINER NOTES… so I decided to extend our enjoyment of this Masterful Music Creator by checking out some… I said some… of his CLASSIC extended cuts in the LISTENING LOUNGE.  He was one of the pioneers of lengthy R&B album cuts.  He caught most folks’ attention with his extended version of, “I Stand Accused.”  My memory of experiencing that song at a basement party in my youth still lingers.  My friend who was an only child, had the house that had all the latest gadgets… including a bangin’ stereo.  I remember one time, I came to know that there was one more guy than there was girls at the party because all the other guys beat me to the girls to dance to, “I Stand Accused.”  That was the longest 11 minutes and 30 seconds of my young life… just sitting there… for 11 minutes and 30 seconds… while all my buddies danced with all the pretty girls.  Back in those days, you couldn’t just hold a girl in your arms for 11 minutes and 30 seconds without a very, very good reason to do so and if there was a good reason, I never came up with it.  Okay, I’m back.  This man created music that sent you to places you had never been before.  The sophisticated and extremely beautiful music and sweetbackground vocal arrangements made him stand out even amongst the greats.  Every album was full of arrangements that are usually reserved for movie soundtracks.  What can I say… Homeboy was da’ BOMB!  The proof is in the pudding, right?  Just listen intently to all the following songs’ music intros.  If you’re not goose bumped before Isaac even sings a note, I’ll give you your figurative money back.  Let’s slip on our comfy sleep ware, stretch out on the sofa or your computer chair, turn the speaker volume way up and let the music envelop you… in this Special Edition of the LISTENING LOUNGE featuring ISSAC HAYES SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.

In 1969 it was typical for an R&B album to have 12 to 15 three minute songs on it.  Isaac Hayes was bold enough to put out an album with just 4 songs on it.  Can you imagine a vinyl album with only 2 songs on one side.  If those songs weren’t slammin’, there would be an uproar and probably very few sales.  But Issac could take a Dionne Warwick classic from 1966 and stretch it from 3:50 (long for that time) to 7 minutes and make you feel like it was way too short.  This is one of my favorite Isaac Hayes songs, as are all the songs in this LISTENING LOUNGE segment, “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.”

Can you imagine a song that has an 18:40 length?  Yes, “By The Time I Get To Phoenix,” is 18 minutes and 40 seconds long!  We’re not going to play that one in the LISTENING LOUNGE but we are gonna enjoy another song from the Hot Buttered Soul album.  By the way, that’s such a cool title for a record.  Issac even named his incredible background singers, Hot Buttered Soul; I’m not sure which entity got the name first.  Anyway, the other three songs on yet another 4 record album are 12 minutes, 9:55 and the shorty of the bunch, 5 minutes.  We’re gonna check out the shorty… a song about an illicit affair.  I love the lyrics to the song’s chorus, “One woman’s making my home, while the other woman’s making me do wrong.”  This song is so dynamic, you almost wanna forgive him for his impropriety… almost.  Even though he’s a bad boy in this one, you can’t help but love Isaac Hayes’ JAM, “One Woman.”

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Everybody and their Mama covered the Carpenter’s classic, “(They Long To Be) Close To You”Bobby Womack (absolutely lo-o-o-ove his rendition), Dionne Warwick, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee Eager, Rick Astley, BT Express and on and on.  This Burt Bacharach & Hal David composition is one of the greatest songs of all time in my book but Isaac Hayes took it to its highest heights.  In ’71, his Black Moses album broke with his earlier tradition of extremely lengthy songs and recorded 14 songs for this one.  Grab a’hold to somethin’ as I send your rocket to the moon with, “(They Long To Be) Close To You.”

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Richard Roundtree came bursting through the movie screen and onto the Pop Culture scene with his role as John Shaft in the movie, ShaftRoundtree was absolutely perfect for the role and he played that part to the hilt but a big part of the movie’s success was the amazing soundtrack that accompanied the film… the soundtrack created by the one and only… Isaac HayesIsaac’s songs for the soundtrack fit the era, fit the film and are partly responsible for bringing so much credibility to the flick that it’s not considered a Blaxploitation Film like so many others during that time period.  I just saw it recently… Shaft is a great movie and Isaac Hayes’ soundtrack truly sets it off.  Check out one of the many, many classics from this soundtrack album, “Do Your Thing.”

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How can you go wrong with the combination of Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield?  When you think of it, their music styles are vastly different but since Curtis is one of the greatest and most emotional songwriters of all time, setting his beautiful, minimalist songs to an intricate Isaac Hayes arrangement yields this equation; Genius + Genius = GENIUS!!!  Let me take you back with this awesome, awesome Isaac Hayes rendition of this Impressions’ hit, “Need To Belong To Someone.”

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Issac Hayes Movement album from 1970 was another 4 song LP.  As usual, it was chocked full of excellence with songs written by George Harrison of the Beatles (“Something”), Jerry Butler and his little brother Billy, who was also a recording artist (“I Stand Accused”), Burt Bacharach and Hal David (“I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”) and a song written by the same folk who wrote, “One Woman,” Charles Chalmers and Sandra RhodesAl Green released this same song on his Green Is Blues album in the same year.  Check out and remember, “One Big Unhappy Family.” does not have a definition for this word but I do.  “Hyperbolicsyllabicsequedalymistic” means, “Isaac Hayes set out the Funktified Soul with this one!”  It’s the exclamation point I wanna put on this LISTENING LOUNGE article featuring ISAAC HAYES SONGS RADIO HAS FORGOTTEN.  With background vocals arranged by our Detroit Homegirl, Pat Lewis (one of the Hot Buttered Soul background singers at this time), this slammer is 12 Cans of Shavin’ Powder Funky.  This month, August, 2013, marks 5 years since we lost this Master Maestro.  I’m still saddened at the loss of such a great Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Arranger/Actor who played Keyboards/Saxophone/Trombone and recorded for Stax/Atlantic/ABC/Columbia/Polydor Record Companies.  There is absolutely no reason the songs from this article that exploded in your ear and brought back memories to some and exposed his musical greatness for the first time to others… there is no reason you shouldn’t be hearing this incredible music on your local radio station.  If you’re in a town where you do still hear wonderful tracks like these, count yourself extremely fortunate because Detroit Radio is so limited in its selection of songs presented that I can barely stand it.  I remain hopeful that one day someone will come along with a radio station that Kicks Out The JamsAll The JAMS… once again.  Until then… thank goodness for Sirius XM in the car!  Rest easy Issac Hayes and thank you for your music legacy; we are all the better for it.  Rock on with, (“What… I… say…”) “Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic.”  Peace!

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