NS2-August 2013-Duets-Rare PairingsI was on the hunt for the unusual… singers who normally do their solo thang… paired with another equally talented singer to create a Kodak Moment in music history as a DUET.  I just so happen to have found some really once-in-a-lifetime groupings.  These kinds of moments come from TV Show Producer’s or Concert Promoter’s imaginations so they are rare places for the talented vocalists to find themselves.  The DUETS in this NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES article are made up of some of the industry’s most gifted performers… some still here while others have passed on in recent years.  It’s always fun to see two consummate professionals give and take on stage in order to mesh with someone who very well may be a stranger to them in real life because that’s what pros do… they MESH with the best of ‘em!  C’mon, hop on this train with me and let’s go to a happy place… a place where music is the primary thing in our lives for the next few minutes as we enjoy these DUETS; RARE PAIRINGS indeed.  Enjoy!

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