A coupla’ music geniuses whose careers intersected in Chicago at Curtom Records, Curtis Mayfield’s record label and time and again.  Both born in Chicago, Donny was raised in St. Louis, went to Howard University in D.C. but settled back in Chi-Town after leaving college.  Mayfield had early success with the Impressions as their lead singer and songwriter.  His career continued to flourish as a solo singer and he went on to become one of the most important music artists of our timeDonny’s first recording was on Mayfield’s Curtom Records as a duet with June Conquest, “I Thank You.”  Curtis wrote and produced the song and Donny arranged it; two genius music minds coming together in a big way.  They died 20 years apart but they both contributed greatly to the world of music and society as a whole.  They both sang, wrote, arranged and produced music for themselves and others.  They both composed music for movie soundtracks; Curtis scored Claudine, Sparkle and Super Fly while Donny scored for the movie, Come Back Charleston Blue and sang the theme song for the hit TV show, MaudeDonny’s Christmas song, “This Christmas,” is one of the all-time best holiday songs ever recorded.  But their musical statements… the points they were trying to make with their music… that’s what still excites me when I hear their songs today.  Both caring… both striving to make a difference in the world with their music and accomplishing those goals is what makes them two of the most important artists of our lifetime.  That’s why I wanna share a song by each of these great men.  Curtis Mayfield’s song is from his last recorded album and speaks of the despair and hopelessness that far too many people… especially Black people… have yet today.  Often the wounds are self-inflicted thanks to the horrific decision to give drugs a try but the suffering that follows that decision is none the less real.  Then Donny follows up with a song of hope… a song that tells us to hang in there because there is a brighter tomorrow, be it in this world or the next.  Please listen to their music statements and let them effect you in a positive way by calling you into some kind of action for your life or to assist someone you know in their walk.  Let the music MOVE youPeace!

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