NS2-August 2013-Inspirational CornerThe INSPIRATIONAL CORNER is the article in NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES that should make you feel better for having stopped by.  Sometimes the songs in this article are Gospel… music that is specifically created for the purpose of INSPIRING.  However, most of the time the chosen song (sometimes more than one) is selected for the expressed purpose of putting a smile on your face or setting your mind on a higher plain… in a stratosphere full of hope and anticipation for the future.  This can be achieved with a song about social justice, a song about overcoming a personal challenge… and sometimes… more and more often lately… it’s a song about LOVE.  A song depicting a fluttering heart at the thought of another; that euphoric feeling we would all love to experience daily.  Well, the three songs below cover all those bases… they just plain ol’ make me feel GOOD!  As for one of our songs, I like to think of the storyline as what every married couple wants to feel… the mere mention of your spouse’s name and, “Suddenly The World Is Standing Still.”  Now that’s the POWER of LOVE.  In keeping with our BLACK BRITS theme in this month’s edition of NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES, I’m featuring British band INCOGNITO in concert performing, “I Hear Your Name” and Music Videos for Noel Gourdin’s socially conscious tribute to women entitled, “Beautiful,” and, first up, Alicia Keys & Maxwell with their steamy Love Song, “Fire We Make.”  Turn that frown right side up while you experience these amazing videos.  Be INSPIRED!

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