goodfellaz_iywaEvery now and then when you dare to question a mystery… especially a ShowBiz mystery… every once in a blue moon, you get an answer.  We asked a question about the amazingly talented singing trio, GOODFELLAZ.  The question:  What happened to them after their first incredible album?  Where did they go… and why did they not do a follow-up LP?  We called the NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES article, “THRU THE CRACKS.”  Well, I recently heard from the founder of the group and one-third of the trio, ANGEL LOVE.  Angel, who had just seen the article, was willing to answer my usually-unanswered-question.  Not only that, he was willing to fly to Detroit, sit in front of our camera and give us the low-down.  I really appreciate him for that and, after you watch this 30 minute interview, you will too.  And if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who missed GOODFELLAZ’ meteoric entry into the world of Rhythm & Blues, you’ll find the Six Degrees of Separation theory applies here; you’ll find you’ve touched bases with GOODFELLAZ or those connected to GOODFELLAZ numerous times.  Well, that’s enough yappin’ before the interview from me.  Check out Angel Love of GOODFELLAZ… the group who brought us “Sugar Honey Ice Tea” and “If You Walk Away…”  Here I go again.  Can you tell I’m excited?!  Here’s the NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES follow-up interview entitled GOODFELLAZ… RESURFACED.


Reuben Yabuku