Beyonce’ From Chi-Lites

THIS FROM THAT  -  “Crazy In Love” (Beyonce)  from  “Are You My Woman” (The Chi-Lites)

The infectious musical hook from Beyonce’s hit Urban Contemporary song, “Crazy In Love,” released in 2003, was sampled from a song you don’t hear on radio often anymore.  It’s played so infrequently these days that when I heard “Crazy In Love,” it bugged me silly until I stumbled onto the song where that catchy hook came from.  Not having the song on CD, I was playing some records (remember them?) that I hadn’t heard since Petey was a pup.  I dropped that old needle (that’s barely hanging in there) onto “Are You My Woman,” by The Chi-Lites, and almost jumped to the ceiling.  Finally, I found the origin of that musical hook that was driving me crazy; I was sure I knew that piece of music from somewhere!  Yeah, I’m one of those music-loving snooty-snoots who hates being stumped… just for my own personal satisfaction.  This song, released in late 1970 and receiving airplay in 1971, was from an early Chi-Lites group who were still searching for their musical identity.  Socially-conscious songs, sounding a lot like the Norman Whitfield-produced Temptations songs of that time period, were eventually moved away from by The Chi-Lites once lead singer and writer, Eugene Record, found the group’s signature sound with hits like, “Oh Girl,” “Write A Letter To Myself,” and “Have You Seen Her.”

If this short music hook puzzled you like it did me, solve the mystery by giving a listen to both songs.  You’ll probably say, like I did, “Oh yeah… that’s where that came from.”  Trust me, you’ll be relieved big time.