You just stepped into the laid back section of NO SKIPS NO SCRATCHES, where we’re JUST KICKIN’ IT.  Not a lotta words, just reclinin’ and dinin’ on some lip-smackin’, tasty, tasty music.  This month’s featured entrée is some of my favorite Brits… Soul artists from across the pond.  My only comment is… Lord, I wish our R&B  radio stations in the U.S. would open their minds to these phenomenal singers and musicians and not be so narrowly programmed into the sameness, over and over.  These Black British singers and musicians are accessible; other radio formats play this music.  What’s up U.S. rhythm & blues radio stations?  This phenomenal music is there for the taking… find them Mr. & Ms. rhythm & blues DJ!  End of Commentary.

Now, let’s all say, “Honey Hush,” and get our groove back.  Now, where were we?  Oh yeah, we were just about to enjoy a video visit from our overseas cousins Incognito, Des’Ree, Mica Paris, Corinne Bailey Rae and Seal.

 Lyric Quote:  “Like a sparkle in the dark, you smiled and I knew you would make my dreams come true…”

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Lyric Quote:  “Cause I feel so high when I’m reaching out for your sky, I’ve boundless energy I feel I could run a million miles…”

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Lyric Quote:  “You can look, you can touch, nothing is free if you pay too much…” 

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Lyric Quote:  “I’m tired of the pull and push, I’m tired of the making up,
Don’t you feel like you’ve had enough…”

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Lyric Quote:   “In a sky full of people only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy?”

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