About Us

No Skips No Scratches is an entertainment E-Zine (electronic magazine) created to bring you uplifting, positive stories, anecdotes and behind-the-scenes looks into the entertainment business.  We hope to bridge the entertainment gap between Baby Boomers and Generation X viewers, demonstrating that great performances were exemplified back-in-the-day and continue to come forward from super talented young performing artists today; some known and some unknown.  Our Editor, Reuben Yabuku (Baby Boomer), has spent his whole adult life in the business as a singer, radio DJ, actor, writer, director and technician.  We hope to bring his experiences to the page and highlight exceptional entertainers on our grand, world-wide stage that we call, No Skips No Scratches.

This Is Important To Us:

We welcome and want your feedback.  This E-Zine is for you.  However, we are requesting that readers keep their comments clean and positive.  Profanities are unnecessary and will be filtered out.  Surely, we can express ourselves without the use of profanity.  We ought to be able to state our dislike for something without crude or hurtful comments.  This is not meant to be censorship, say it the way you say it… just remember, someone’s feelings are on the other side of your words.

Advertisers welcome.  To promote your product or event, contact us at info@noskipsnoscratches.com.

Editor                          Reuben Yabuku
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